Dark Destinies

09-16-2018 Session Notes

Smokey and Shadow goddess are going to checking on who at Until is keeping an eye on the 'Slaughter house 6' .  Taking Shadow goddesses security guard Alexandra Garcia to blend in while we look to find and scan the UNTIL main contact for the project tracking us.  This is to gain intel on how much they know about us and what to expect.

Fury is going to transport Dr. Goodman to the research camp in Colorado where the Native American Indian children that Dr Goodman has been sheparding and has an interest in.

From the info on who makes the decisions:

She says in the event of a super villain or in your case a group becoming an international or world class threat the people who would be called in to discuss countermeasures would be secretary to the UN on security matters matthias gruenwald… General Xioa Siang of the PROC and admiral holland of UNTIL.

We need to have Alexandra look for Admiral Holland's attache/personal assistant (Kent Forsythe). This is whom we will  have a conversation with Alexandra .  Smokey made him come over to the van and Alexadtra talked to him while Smokey read his mind of projects and other important things for the Admiral.  There are various detectors within a few blocks of the Until HQ.  Maybe we need to go to startbucks a few blocks away to move away and continue and to include giving him the parasite to control him.   We will have him and the parasite completely remove that this conversation ever happened in the van and that Smokey will when we return to the Until HQ, will brainwash this encounter from Kent's mind.

Dr Goodman and Fury went to check on the children.  And there was obviously something where the children are gone and they are concerned for loss of the research for decades.  Dr goodman makes it known that he did made the children so he knows how.  And the dr asked Dr Goodman to know how  which he called him a stupid human.  And the dr asked about all the diseases that were cured from all their ailments.

UNTIL has 3 projects are active for looking for us and we are on a shoot to kill order.  Projects are 1) using energy signatures, 2) trying to use magic to determine our next move and 3) photonic detection from Satellites to detect Smokey.   They are also looking for TS but are looking to hit him with everything when he is detected.

UNTIL is aware of the mutated children to reverse the damage to Dr Goodmans' surprise.  UNTIL has a specific person monitoring their missing situation and progress with hero assistance to correct their mutations.

09-09-2018 Session Notes

A week goes by with everyone working on their pet projects.

Smokey offers to Doctor Goodman to place his death stalker scorpions into a location for them to be field tested – the pentagon or the national mall were suggested.  Doctor Goodman agrees and selects the FDA campus in Maryland.

The plan is to place 100 modified death stalker scorpions to be released in multiple locations in the FDA buildings.  As they rampaged stinging people through the office building cubicles, a security guard shot one which caused it to grow to 20 feet.  Then Smokey added AMP to one of them to test it out how AMP would enhance the death stalker scorpions. It grew to 50 feet and was rampaging through the building destroying the atrium area to start.  Once Mr. Fancy pants hero showed up to attack the 50 foot death stalker scorpion, Smokey AMPed all the remaining 6 death stalker scorpions to KILL HIM!!!  With 2 other death stalker scorpions attacking Mr. Fancy pants , he was eventually impaled (YES the asshole is dead!!!) through the chest with a death stalker scorpion tail and flinging his lifeless body away.

Soon thereafter, additional heroes showed up and killed 4 of the 5 remaining death stalker scorpions over an hour period of time.  The remaining death stalking scorpion shrank down and then went into a dark place based on the live video feed still showing just a dark location that is unrecognizable.  It's whereabouts are unknown.  No worries as it is free now.

Doctor Goodman has asked Smokey to place a mating pair of death stalking scorpions into Libya near a food source – on the outside edge of the  capital Tripoli.

Doctor Goodman knows he has no way to transport any death stalking scorpions or move them. And if any go missing, he does not care.  (Note:  If other team members move them for other uses, that is okay as he does not care).

Until next time….

08-19-2018 Session Notes

Smokey assisted in gathering more creatures for Dr GoodMan (50 scorpions "Death Stalker" from the Sahara desert, some more black panther family like a mating pair and cubs, 3 kimodo dragons).

Dr. Klaus Schwineschnitzel at Hamburg, Germany children hospital who we met with, brain washed him to believe us to have him administered the drug to the 12 worst children .  We mentioned we were with Bayer testing a new clinical drug with truly quick healing properties.  And we asked that he take detailed notes in the children's charts and we will return in a few days to check the notes and update him.  Dr Hans Newman (Smokey) is the name that Smokey gave Klaus.

Then to AMP production facility in Hamburg, Germany …  Dr Goodman, Shadow Goddess and Smokey..  Smokey set an illusion of RedLine looking Dr Smith to perform an inspection of their AMP production with the shimmering Goodman form.  And keeping this illusion up to all that he interacts with.   Mr. Rutger is the plant manager who is giving the tour.  Goodman finds they are not receiving the enzymes at the proper temperature so the results of the mixture are a little different than what AMP was designed to produce (change to illusions, paranoia and stokes). Rutger is embarrassed at the last of efficiency in their lack of following the proper procedures for receiving AMP.

Note from Rutger and the glass works facility:  Rutger is researching at the glass factory he is actually trying to develop a high tensile glass item like Pyrex/titanium.. and they are very close.. if it works it could revolutionize the industry. bullet proof glass would be the LEAST of the applications.  (we will need to look into this for space glass for vehicles and such later).


Next:  UK location:  Cardiff, UK

Cover company:  Import/Export company

Lothar Wolff – owner of the company

Several Company locations like shipping warehouse locations.

Smokey sets the same RedLine Illusion with Goodman using the name Mr. Kincaid as his cover.   And Kincaid has joined the UK inspection with Smokey, Shadow Goddess and Dr Goodman.

Fred the barely competent security guard is coming along for the tour.  We are taken into the inner production facility and more processional security inside with assault files.  Upon inspection , the initial production is working as expected. But there is a production issue with the packaging of the ampules loosing 25% of the product though inefficient ampules and packaging.

The party, Wolff and Fred went to discuss the issues. Goodman ripped apart Fred explaining a crab shelling while Wolff was explaining how to do it and it would happen to him. He said it will be fixed before the next visit as he was getting sick in the trash can.


Off to LA:

Location:  Los Angels, CA  (In Chinatown)

Contact:  Mr Hugh – The Principal

Location: Abraham Lincoln High School

Shadow Goddess is teleporting to clean herself up and comes back.  Goodman moves off and shakes off like a dog.

Kincaid EMP laser beams the camera's.

Principal Hugh was at rally and Kincaid asked the vp to take over and come talk to us. Of which he said he would be back to talk to us. 

There is a walk through the maintenance areas of the school and there is a football field size production facility under the above ground football field.  No one would ever look here for a production facility.

Dr Goodman starts his inspection.  This location was upgraded from cocaine to making AMP.   She keeps a tight ship on each worker and to make sure they know what their job function is.  There are no problems with production nor packaging.  There is very little slippage in the final product.  This is for sticky fingers where there are ampules going missing in final.  Goodman notices that there is a second QA shunt to test the batches again that is directed off to a separate area that no one really goes into with its own packaging facility just collecting such that nobody notices. 

Hugh's lied about the diversion line which was for his and the chemistry teacher's retirement over what they were being paid for the AMP production by Diego.  He agrees to increase production by 50% and pay them.  Goodman gets the confirmation from the chemistry teacher that they can increase production by 50% with more workers.  He says that he will get more teenager locals for $200 a day per shift to work.  Smokey suggests we take the diverted ampules of AMP to put them directly into the supply chain ourselves (this is for our group usage really).  Goodman shakes the principals hand and crushes it saying it could have gone much worse.


Notes from prior:

Production locations controlled by each cartel lead:

Diego -  West Coast US and Japan

Alejandro -  Europe

Sanchez – Central & East Coast US along with all of Central/South America.


08-12-2018 Session Notes

Goodman and Smokey are letting the mooks rustle up the rhinos into the pens for Dr Goodman's next experiments.

Smokey and Shadowgoddess worked on cancelling Smokey's power flashes to try and improve the stealth aspect of his teleport powers.  This included Smokey and Shadowgoddess in the base rumpass room teleporting a crate to the other side of the moon.

Tiz is riding her cat around the moon base.

Kincaid is working on his business connections and further his business investments.

Fury is sick recovering in his room.

A mook informed us that on the news, the heros that were captured have been set free.  And they appeared in a park together with others who took off.

News info:  The disastrous attack that leveled Boston from the evil terrorists using the taken over Tempest platform from Until.  The US defense department is looking for the Tempest and the world has asked for anyone with capability to help find the Tempest to stop the terrorists from using the platform to attack our planet.  (Note:  Goodman is aware of the new orphans around Boston due to parents killed and might have to go assist them where possible).

Kincaid is on the tempest inventory, exploring the parts of the ship not explored and experimenting where possible with mini-Tiz input.

Tiz is on the Tempest also.  Then Tiz and Kincaid run into T1Z (mini-TIZ aka mini-me per Tiz) in a young 17 year old body with a grand admiral UNTIL uniform.  So she can be hanging out with Tiz and the group more often.   Kincaid asked if she was fully functional and T1Z respond with something about nanites and shit so CLICK CLICK CLICK – no.

Main guns fusion reactor is about the 30 foot soccer ball in size with heavy shielding.  This reactor could run the US on one of them alone.  Kincaid comments that one of these could run the fossil fuel out of business.  This would be worth a shit ton.  T1Z asks if she needs to reroute resources to create a new one of these.

T1Z mentions there are 16 ships in the solar system but has only passively monitored their locations.  Nothing specific.  The group agrees  to send out 16 probes and use the signals through the earth satellites to hide the Tempest location for the probe feeds.   It will take a few hours to get to the first ship in the asteroid belt and 2 days for the farthest probe in the outer solar system.

T1Z shows Tiz and Kincaid the reactor working and fires at a Russian weather satellite that was scanning the area.  Needless to say, the Tempest is now moving locations.

Tiz, T1Z, and Kincaid check out the engine room.  The engine has two parts and it appears the engine is a fold engine.

Tiz T1Z and Kincaid are mastering the possibilities of what was found.

First probe: 

PDF LEONIDAS  -  this is Twisted Savant's ship – cylindrical and bristling with guns with a bore hole through the middle length wise through is 1 KM length in size.

Second Probe in asteroid belt -  Orange sphere that is giving off EM radiation like its scanning. Not recognizable nor the writing on the ship. Moves past the probe and keeping in the asteroid belt.

Third probe is of a ship around Phobos a moon of Mars:

Smokey, Shadow Goddess, Bard and the space marine are going to teleport out and then scan the ships then leave to the next ship. 

07-29-2018 Session

The group went to the meeting outside of Bogota Columbia to meet with the 3 drug cartel leaders on 'neutral' territory which was an empty hanger on a Columbian military base.

Kincaid greeted the 3 members with their groups all looking stand off like.

Smokey provided information from scans of each leader to their situation to Kincaid for the negotiation.

During the meeting , Goodman noticed cameras in the hanger to which Tiz went and deleted the recordings with finding the servers that were capturing the recordings.

Smokey scanned all the people in the hanger and none were working with the CIA nor did they know of the cameras in the hanger.  He expanded his scan to a wider location.  This resulted in a sergeant that worked with the CIA and knew how to run their equipment.  Smokey brought him to the meeting hanger at which point Shadowgoddess threw him to Goodman.  And then Goodman slowly pulled him apart and then ate him in front of the groups meeting in the hanger.

The drug cartels agreed to a 50/50 profit split between them and us.

Goodman needs to within the next week go to their facilities in LA, Colorado, UK and Germany to setup the production of the AMP and validate the production quality.


Fury suggested that Smokey and Tiz go get the parts from the exploded ship for examination of their technology.  And Smokey can place any larger pieces of the remnants of the ship is a safe location until it can be examined.

Goodman requested of Smokey to obtain more black panther cubs or cats for some reason.  He will scan the internet for reserves that are protecting the cats, go and obtain several with transporting them back to Goodman's lab cages as requested.

And Smokey is continuing his person project of stopping the clear cutting for human expansion of settlements along with additional farming at the expense of the forests (at the moment , he is not stopping logging that replaces the trees so there is no net removal of trees but this might change).

The Truth in Lies
Or, notes from 7/22/2018

I awoke from my bed. Okay, wait. "Bed" isn't quite the word. It conjures up images of big, plush comfortable sleeping furniture. But ever since becoming greater, it just doesn't feel right. Pile of pillows is a better description, but… never mind.

I awoke from my pile of pillows. Each pillow is the supposed "memory" foam with liners to prevent inevitable staining from drooling. Drooling in my sleep. Perhaps a flaw of my current form. Wait, you know, never mind. That's not important. Focus. Just the facts. Well, these are "facts"… Okay this journal thing is harder than it appears.

A proximity alert went off with the captured UNTIL carrier's artificial intelligence. Tiz's "creation" indicated that it appeared to be an alien warship. Really? An alien warship. I have troubles enough without adding to the pile. The aliens apparently wanted some "princess" who created bright flashes of light and could move from place to place instantaneously. Sound like anyone you know? Adding to my troubles from someone else's pile of woes is definitely not appreciated. But, Smokey is key to some of my plans and aliens or no, they weren't getting their "princess" back. The group discussed plans on how to deal with the alien called the Altairans, who turned out to be some poor knock off of an intelligent pterodactyl from a Jurassic something or another movie. You know the one, right? Had the poor Indian in a helicopter who crashed into the poorly designed zoo aviary? Aw, come on Goodman, focus.

Where was I? The group. Yes, the group discussed and planned about how best to approach the problem, inevitably ending in defaulting to the "get her" plan. Turns out we really like having Smokey around and they couldn't have him. The Tempest gave a best guess as to where the bridge was, and Shadow Goddess, the backup transportation, took some of us there. And, somehow not surprisingly, the Tempest got the bridge location completely wrong. We found the mess hall, which was full. Typical.

Our alien opponents might have been a nuisance without their technology, but, just like the pitiful homo sapiens, had to make stuff to correct for genetic deficiencies. A little gene therapy and technology would be less than necessary. Obvious intellect and wisdom deficiencies, too. Seems a lot of that runs rampant through supposed intelligent races. Intelligent. Yeah, right. They can figure out how to get to the moon, but can't figure out how to be born with straight teeth. Really? I mean, really? Think about that a moment… Where was I?

Mess hall. So, almost as if part of the plan, a fight ensues. The "get her" plan always results in a some kind of violence. And, also something that happens a lot, their technology apparently helped to locate my invisible form. I need to work on that problem. Hiding my heat signature would be pretty easy to do, and some creatures on Earth do that as well. Make the blood flow near the surface of the skin pull inward could help, plus changes to the carapace and hide could work. Sonar and radar are the real problems. Maybe some… oh, bother. I got off track again, didn't I?

After some battle, we proved our obvious superiority, though this wasn't without some difficulties. Did I ever mention how much I appreciate Shadow Goddess' abilities? Fascinating. Between transportation and draining life energy, she proves her value. Kincaid is interesting, but I think his powers are largely technology based. I wonder what would happen if Tiz attempted to interfere with his powers. I should run some computer simulations some time. Oh, yes, so somehow the team figured out how to get past the technology of the Altairans. Technology we've seen before. Genetic superiority won again.

I'm not sure if Tiz told the AI to fire or if it was some odd interpretation the AI made from generalized instruction, but the Tempest opened fire. And, yes, we were still on board. Somehow it seemed appropriate given our modus operandi. Luckily our exit strategy, perhaps the "drop your butt and run" strategy, still works. Does that strategy rely on technology? Of course not. I suspect in large part that is why it still works.

In any event, the Altairan were inevitably beaten. Our "princess" remains free. Tiz needs to educate her AI creation a bit more. And we all need to figure out a way to stop getting new enemies. I mean, really. The supposed "good heroes", the result of a liberal propaganda machine of humanity, are interference enough to our altruistic agenda. Well, maybe the propaganda is right about Kincaid. There is often some truth within lies after all.


07-15-2018 Session

And now the next episode of the 'slaughter house 6' series.  What will happen?  Who will die?  Stay tuned as things are fluid and change rapidly.

The party went and visited the Colombian president to discuss the cartel to get information.  After El Chapo, it broke into a 3 way power struggle.

Mateo Moreno obtained El Chapo's compound after the AIM and DEMON simultaneous attack for different reasons just at the same time.

There is going to be a meeting setup to discuss with the 3 power leads of the cartel to persuade them to out thinking.

I meeting with Mateo Moreno at the same place as we met El Chapo .  We are presenting as foreign investors.

We are arriving in a armored SUV.

Tiz looped the camera, the party enters.  Smokey brainwashed the table of 5 that Kincaid is an old business associate.  A few goons notice the Smokey eye flash and the 5 at the table eye flash. Goodman intervenes and blocks the goons with the Uzi's.   And we try to calm things (Viva Columbia) to have drinks and talk to Mateo.

Mateo want to remove the other two leaders , Kincaid suggested a truce and everyone making money and not losing it.  Mateo considers a truce as workable with any longer term changes later.  Kincaid suggested a meeting with the other two (Alejandro Diaz and Diego Sanchez) three to work a truce.  Mateo will set it up.  Goodman commenting about taking out competition of needed.  And then we all have a friendly toast with the amp and the parasite to assist controlling our friends.   Mateo said it will take a few days to arrange a meeting and if they don't he will have to eliminate them as they each have other non-normal support elements (hint supers).

Kincaid and Mateo wants to continue the arrangement of amp production. Mateo said it has a lot of market potential more than weed.  Kincaid said especially in the party scene.

Mateo invites the group back to his place for a continuation of the party.  Of which the group agrees to join him.

At the party, there is a woman who took amp and started growing. At 25 feet , busting through the windows and loosing her cloths, Smokey seeing this effect before with overdoses and teleports her to Easter island with Goodman to observe his experiment.  She continues into to growth 210 feet in height and in a rage. Throwing heads around and then wades out into the ocean and swims away.  Goodman flies to her waiting for her to get to very deep water to grab a genetic sample like a strand of hair that is like a tug boat cable in size.  He successfully snags a slice of hair, 30 feet.   And has smokey transport him and the hair to the base.  She continued to swim into the pacific ocean like Godzilla….. Maybe heading towards Japan.

Everyone eventually leave the party and get back to base.

Tiz asks Smokey to take her to the Tempest.  And then after arriving to klaxons and alarms, Tiz tells the group that there is a ship about 10,000 kilometers away from the tempest and closing.

07-08-2018 Session Notes

There was an attack on the Mumbai hospital where Dr Goodman was helping children.  There was an attack by demi-god to get Goodman. And Goodman had Shadow Goddess to teleport some of the kids to Denver.  Of which Goodman explained the attack and said there were more children there they need to be saved.  As he was pacing back and

Shadow goddess, Goodman and Tiz go to the hospital go to the hospital.  There are over a dozen evil demon children with 4 inch claws that are killing everything they can.  All the evil demon children have wounds under their armpits with oozing stuff.

In Cafeteria, 12 evil children have about 30 normal children about to be attacked.

Goodman grabs 4 and swoops out of the room .

And Shadow Goddess and Tiz are left with the 4 turning evil children to them while the others are about to attack the children.  Shadow Goddess use an attack the exploded its head..

Smokey attacked from his astral space visitation of the hospital cafeteria to help the group with the evil baby buggy bumper kids…

Shadow goddess places a shadow barrier between the children and the evil demons. And the evil demons attack the shadow barrier.

4 of the evil demons attack Tiz and Shadow Goddess.

Tiz gets hit and is not suited up.

Goodman smacks an evil baby going back over the shadow wall to grab 4 more kids.

The shadow wall transforms into a dragon with dark black eyes and it kills 2 of the evil demon babies.

Smokey transports the children away to safety away from the evil demon children.

The 3 remaining attack Goodman and the shadow dragon.  And are dispatched quickly.

And the team leaves for base before the demi-god before he returns.

05-27-2018 Session

And so this continues….

The plan is for the Fury, Shadow goddess, Demon Caster and Goodman (with acid 5 gallon buckets), in the museum to get her when she comes to grab the painting.   Smokey and the rest of the mooks and other party members will be near by at Fenway park  .   Smokey tested teleporting into the room 250 without issue.  When Goodman says to 'Go' then Smokey will teleport the party from Fenway part to room 250.  And 20 mooks (bard and 19 of his best) armored with armed with non-energy weapons and the 2 Demon guys buddies will have their guns ready for when we get to go. 

In the museum, they bring in the painting and then added additional sensors and cameras since it’s a $100 million painting.

And no action over night.  And the museum opens in the morning….

She shows up in a suit and there are 2 UNTIL guys who were disabled and sent to the bases holding cells for later use.

Terawatt zaps the DEMON spell caster and leaves a hole in his chest.   And the group from Fenway is transported into the room with her.

And so it begins…

So Terawatt placed her hand into the wall and energized.  Shadow Goddess drained her.  Tiz drained her.  Smokey transported the painting to Alpha Base.  And also once Tiz's tank bot was taken over (included to museum by accident did not know Tiz did not want it – Smokey's bad) moved tank bot to the alpha base.  Goodman attacked her to much not any effect.

Terawatt then transported into the wall.  Tiz turned off all the power in the building.

Team Gladius -  consisting of Redline, Matthias, Castle, Blare and the lady identified on the news as Lady Dawnfire along with her dragon.

The dome over the building and several blocks is blocking teleporting (Smokey had that trapped feeling like in the vault) through it.

Shadow goddess teleports herself to the edge of the dome.

Kincaid blasts out of the top of the building and is going to try and disrupt the field.

The dragon is taking a deep breathe.

Smokey takes the team inside the building including Tiz, Kincaid, the mooks, the 2 DEMON guys and Goodman (minus Shadow Goddess) and teleported them inside the dome to the edge of the dome furthest away from team Gladius which is at the front of the museum – about 1 block away.  Kincaid attacks the dome with a particle beam disruption causing it to dim and flicker greatly but it still remained.

Will the group continue to try escape or will they confront the (cough, cough) Heros and accept the welcome wagon.  What about Terawatt and what will she do?

Until next week…..

05-20-2018 Session


So we decide to seek out some assistance from DEMON (a mage group).  And went to meet one of their mages after Tiz did some research and found out where that he hung out in a DC bar called the Succubus Club.  This was to meet a mage  who has 2 buddies.  After Smokey make mental friends with the bouncer and the weapon checker, the party entered the club with about 2 dozen women with 6 on stages and another dozen wandering around working their trade. 

Smokey scanned the bartender (Thane Drubius) who is all 'Hail DEMON' and wants into the group bad like hard-on bad. And their DEMON group has an upcoming event this coming Thursday to help the demon Atrathsaoroeahtohsaflkjsh get access to our world.  That he is all hard-on about.. 

Kincaid had Smokey check out his buddies. Low level mages not initiates but can take on cops but superheros.

Tiz walks up with shirt loosened and a picture of terawatt on her phone which gets a drink spit on Tiz.  Shadow goddess joins the meeting with Tiz and has a conversation with the High Morbane (Russell Kravitz). 

Then the rest of the group joined the party.  With Smokey teleporting to the table with the flash.  He agrees to help for her soul and 1 million in gold. 

After trying to get Shadow goddess to sign a contract which Kincaid stopped her because it was for her soul.

The team had Smokey teleport the team and the High Morbane (Russell) with his two buddies from the club to Easter Island for a private discussion.

The thing he mentioned was that he cast a dampening spell that only reduced some of her powers but not physical powers.  Shadow goddess want to have it tested on someone and she will try to mimic the power with her magic.  Russell said that it could take a few hours depending on the power of the person before the dampening is removed.

Morbane used it on Smokey (reduced control pool by 33 points) and Shadow goddess used her version on Morbane.  Smokey had his lost power back in 1 minute and Morbane had his back in 2 minutes.

Shadow goddess checked with a contact and found out that Terawatt will be interested in Picasso's The Starry Night painting which will be on display at the Boston Fine Art Museum starting tomorrow for 2 weeks.  She will try and steal it.

The team is working on the details of the plan.

Until our next episode… stay tuned…..


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