Dark Destinies

12-02-2018 Session

And each player for updated character sheets from the Magnanimous GM!!

And the last piece of the missile fragment is in a 25 story office building with 2 smaller 10 story towers. Tiz is taking care of the security which happens to have 3 separate security systems in the building.

The party went to the roof for Tiz to take over the Rare Earth Inc security so we can get to the 23rd floor where Rare Earth is on 22nd to 25th floor. Tiz disabled the security and Smokey transported the group to the 23rd conference room and Smokey stunned the people on the floor. The presenter in the conference room was a scientist presenting for a new material (macroplast) to his 5 bosses and the parent company boss (“Universal Omnitech”). There is a laptop and usb drives along with samples (block and a clip for a weapon with small black pieces in it). They were all transported to Goodman’s lab into a cage. Without the stuff. Goodman is taking laptop, drives and samples.

Outside conference room, people are unconscious (psychic stun) and there are 3 labs (Material Fabrication, Energetic Materials Lab and Mineral Exploration Lab). The item is in the Mineral Exploration lab. It is a sealed air lock lab. Goodman goes in alone into the airlock holding his breath.

Incoming – 2 alpha . To building..

Smokey moved the scientists from the labs to Goodman’s other cage without the cats. Smokey them moved the 3 labs to the dark sided of mars. The group went to mars to setup the labs (Fury setup a habitat and stabilize the labs) and Tiz is setting up a power supple with a fusion cell from the tempst near mars moon. The labs are stable with power. And Fury is using a cavern to bury the labs below the surface and left in a solid cavern. Goodman enters the lab with the piece was being examined with an electron microscope. Goodman takes the piece. Kincaid will be desolidified and look at the other labs to see what they have inside them energy and materials wise. Tiz is looking to get into the computer systems in the labs.

Shadowgoddess went back to NYC to see what supers showed up. And 2 reavers showed up instead of heros. Perplexing….

Shadowgoddess called Twisted Savant to discuss the return of anything (the meta catalyst) and the orange glowing 2 foot cylinder (hyperdrive fusion material) and a few other the scientists that are not in the know. We can keep the rest of the 3 labs, contents and scientists.

Energetic Materials Lab – a grenade that breaks down electrons and protons temporarily. There are 4 new explosive experiments that are the next plastic explosive. The last is an experience with something that looks like a gold honey that is in a stick of TNT like soaking in it.

11-18-2018 Session

Button, button who has the ‘Easy’ button…. Shit not us..

Continuing the search for stealth torpedo fragments for further examination.

Tiz team – Tiz , Smokey and Kincaid
Team Shadow Goddess – Shadow Goddess, Goodman and Fury.

Team SG found the piece on the 3rd floor of the first piece. To a broom closet.
Goodman makes a note to the team that he has not tested the mist he is spraying on adults so the effects are not know nor does he care as its intended for children. Fury and Shadow Goddess are making way to avoid the mist spray that Goodman is spraying.
In office, they opened the door and the old lady who had a sourpuss face and the item looks like an origami grapefruit size that is like a metal work. The Goodman takes it and Shadow goddess transport them to the roof.

Team Tiz – Smokey went into a covered door way and obtained cloths for Tiz, Smokey and Kincaid from the local mall along with 4 backpacks. They change to normal cloths and they entered the hotel and took the elevator. Doors closed and Smokey teleports the 3 of them to 12th floor. Tiz takes care of the cameras and opened the door lock. The penthouse has a woman in lingerie of which Kincaid and Smokey noticed the lovely lady. Tiz says the door over there. The group goes to the balcony and up to the roof. The owner is up there in a purple white speedo sun bathing. Tiz and Smokey notice the some bricks replaced and Kincaid removes the bricks. Tiz sees the fragment. The guy yells and then runs to the stairs. Smokey opens a portal in front of him to off the building about 5 feet away from the building.

Team SG heads to the hospital. The decision is to start at the top so Shadowgoddess teleports to the roof and Goodman flies to the roof. The piece is on the 8th floor and the children’s ward is on the 9th currently relocated from the 3rd due to construction. The stairs to the roof use emergency stairs to the ground floor and each floor of the hospital. They stop on 9th and open the emergency door to the 9th floor. Found 20 babies and 2 pre-mature ones and Goodman sprays them first and then runs out of spray. Goodman noticed that the pre-mature ones reacted within a few minutes showing less struggle with breathing so the virus was probably having an effect. Then they decide to take the stairs down to 8th to get the piece. Fury is opening the door again. Someone at the hospital was not following policy and parked a cart with breakfast trays in front of the emergency door. Fury can get my but the cart needs to be moved out of the doorway for Goodman. And a nurse on the left of the door on the ground. A doctor was slumped at a door down the hall and no one is at the nurses station who are on the floor behind the nurses station. Shadowgoddess sees the foot of a security guard down the hall. The 8th floor seems to be xray, MRI and other labs including blood drawing. Goodman wants to test the MRI with someone with metal. Goodman grabs a nurse with a hip replacement to test in the MRI machine with metal in them. And head to the MRI machine – noting that everyone on the floor seems unconscious on the floor. The pin comes out of the nurse in the MRI machine and she is leaking. Shadowgoddess siphon kisses 2 people and heals a third. Shadow goddess asks him what happened and he said we got faint and my lungs started burning. Shadow goddess shadow goddess siphon kissed him to end him. The group on the 8th floor notices that they are getting stinging lung from whatever is here although they are not taking damage yet. The item is in x-ray. Goodman, Shadow goddess and Fury enter the x-ray room and a grey gas leaves out of the room’s open door. Shadow goddess takes damage and lung burn, and fury goes into ear form and encapsulates the gas. The x-ray machine is on targeting the alien part. The ‘grey putty’ around the part is what was cooking and giving off the grey gas. The team turns off the x-ray and the grey gas stops. Shadow goddess, Goodman and Fury have the other piece.

Tiz’s group (Tiz, Smokey and Kincaid) are going to the next location for the next piece which is a mall. Tiz cannot detect but has a lot of interference. Smokey picks up someone near by talking about these 2 pieces of oblong metal that are warm to the touch. Smoke mind scans and then mind controls Marvin the stock boy who is 17 by telling him that he is friend with Rex and Rex will pay him $1000 next Friday when they get paid. Marvin then comes to Smokey to give him the two pieces and wants to meet after work at quickie burger . Smokey says he might be back by. Smokey makes a note to Tiz and Kincaid that the 2 pieces are warmer than normal and places them into the backpack with the other piece we got.

Group Shadow Goddess – heading to the park for the next piece. They are going to teleport to the location in the part. They found the alien part 10 feet under ground. Fury was able to get it out of the ground. It has ‘glowy bits’ . There is a small blue metal cone that caps each end of it off that does not glow. There was discussion on how to pick it up. Nothing untoward happens when picked up with the purple speedo of doom. No heat was given off but it is giving off light noticeable even in full daylight.

Smokey mind controlled the Quickie Burger staff to have them make 8 top of the line burgers with lots of extra bacon and 8 large drinks. And that this is a donation to the NYFD fireman’s association. Then Tiz, Smokey and Kincaid meet the rest of the group in the park at the latest one.

Tiz exams the device and says “it appears to be a weapon like a lance releasing the energy at one time when ‘it’ wants to.” Under our control or under its control? Maybe not mess with it if we do not control it. It is alien and “it Collects the energy from inertia… and has traveled 10000 light years” and Kincaid says ‘he can sense the power inside it. Dimly. But what he senses. He is not sure but his brain conjures images of a blast light years across’ . Shadow Goddess reaches out with shadow and there was a slight interaction.

Smokey tried to teleport and gate it without success but it recharged. Kincaid telekinesis it and flew with it to the moon surface outside the alpha base.

The item is wanting to learn and is learning English. It can release energy without blowing up and can recharge.

4 pieces found plus Bob.

Team Tiz – Kincaid at the construction site found the next one in a pylon 30 feet down.

Team SG – a warehouse location with only a few people for construction machinery parts. Some crates have burn marks with 2 being holed all the way through. Third has a pool of melted something and its in the middle of that crate which it melted into the engine block is transported with a swirl of shadows to the moon surface next to Bob.

Team Tiz – an office building on floor 12 – walk in and it’s an advertising company. Smokey mind controlling office folks that look at us like we are not suppose to be there. The old lady who has it as a paper weight on her desk. Tiz takes it and we leave.

Team Tiz – the office building next door – The girl next door travels down to subway and we engaged her in the subway to teleport her back to us and mind controlled her to thing the piece of glass is hurting her so give it to us. She handed it over and into the backpack with the other pieces it went.

And then one piece left to collect.. Until next time…

11-11-2018 Session

And the saga continues.

Aside: Smokey was visited in his room in the base by Warpstar and asked to join a meeting with Twisted Savant. At which point he asked: I would take it as a personal favor if you and your group would stop trying to Utterly destroy major Terran cities.. And he mentioned do be cautious several of the people he interrogated appear to hold grudges.

Foresight arrived at the base to join our group. And has been assigned her own room.

After discussing the situation, more info on the 2 alien races is required. Smokey asks Iota since she is monitoring our movements and systems she has access to:

Info received from Iota: Sharnathi and Ruckh  as far as they know have been at war for over a century across 37 different systems.. the earth has been a minor skirmishing point usually outside the systems main planets for about 10 years.. cloaking and fighting against each other without letting the locals know.  the tempest was captured and repaired after it crashed on earth.. apparently the Sharnathi sent someone looking for the missing carrier.

Foresight returned saying found that the ship will be around Saturn in 12 hours. The alien tech is not generated by a field but the materials on the ship that make it a hole in space.

Smokey and Shadow Goddess cancel out the flash of the teleport to the Grand Central Station.

The group takes the train after smokey gets a person to buy us tickets. Goodman tested something on some children. There is also some magic ‘Febreze like night quill smelling spray’ that Goodman was spraying in the car. And Goodman says it only effects children. ‘Letting Darwin at work’ . We reached the stop 4 blocks from the UNTIL building.

Tiz found pieces across a 4 block area for us to search and find a piece to analyze for its composite makeup for the stealth technology. The group is breaking up into 2 teleporter groups – smokey and shadow goddess to search for some of the pieces.

11-04-2018 Session Notes

And what comes next…..

There are 4 german heros to defeat the large woman -

And another flying German hero is attacking the scorpions. She is flying and using two swords dicing up a few scorpions. With crowds cheering for her. She was a cryofrozen and is awake now with her voluptuous tata’s. The large 250m woman becomes enraged and start doing more damage than the scorpions. All 4 heros focus on her as a result.

Kincaid disabled the security systems with an EMP attack and joined the party in the restaurant.

A whirl wind of debre behind the large woman and tried to grab her.

Matter Lord has appeared. And Phantasm (female with mental powers with their illusions, teleport).

Phantasm – she did a mind scan for the city and was able to locate a few party members. We left via multiple teleports (Easter Island, Miami and then Libya then to the moonbase).

Smokey is going to be actively shielding the party from mental intrusions when out to try to prevent this again. And will be actively shielding the moon base as a best practice.

The news feeds:
The large woman is not having a good day .

The scorpions are having a really bad day with Nazi woman and Matter Lord creating spikes from the ground to damage the scorpions. 10 minutes later it is mop up in Isle 5 .

They are attributing the scorpions to Slaughter house 5 due to the flashes and the scorpions are the work of Dr Goodman of the group. They are not knowing of where the 250m woman came from.

T1Z was acting weird and incoming missiles attacked the Tempest. Smokey transported Kincaid to the Tempest for additional missile support.

Smokey and Tiz went to the tempest to defend it.
16 were taken care of with the ship defenses, Kincaid sweeping action with success of some missiles colliding and 2 missiles are portaled away somewhere (not mentioned to anyone). 2 missiles impact the ships shields with mass damage. CAPITAL SHIP COMBAT for individuals is NOT recommended – YES a new warning label available!!!!

Tiz and Kincaid were hurt in the blasts of capital ship damage.

Smokey is opening multiple portals (3 portals on various decks) to evacuate the crew to the alternate first moonbase which has Oxygen and we can relocate them later if needed. The ship will be attempted to be moved while damaged while removing the crew. With the intent to try and teleport the ship one the crew is gone.

There is another ship in stealth mode that fired the missiles at the tempest. Tiz estimated they have about 12 more missiles.

Kincaid is getting close to the other ship to try and damage the missile launching tubes.

Smokey moved the ship to dark side of Phobos (Mars moon) . And Kincaid followed at his faster than light speed.

And then there was a random event in New York City at the Until HQ – such a tragic “natural” event. And then that happened..

The return of Light

Palace of Anubis
Duat, Egyptian realm of the dead.

The sounds of battle rang out across the great field even as light and golden blood scattered in equal measure.

From one end to the other, the giant parade ground was covered in bodies, golden blood and ashes.

More than a mile long and wide the martial proving grounds of the dead usually held rank upon rank of warrior souls.

The armies of Duat and the Gods excercising eternally, training for a war in the afterlife.

Now, it hosted the most titanic battle ever seen in all the Ages of Ra.

For here Alpha, the son of the Goddess Bast, fought beside his lover, the mortal known as Lady Spectrum, against the amassed hosts of the Dead.

Anubis had decreed Alpha’s love for her Pure, and allowed him the chance to win her free of the paths of the dead, in combat.

And so they had so many weeks ago, faced off against the 2,347 legions of Anubis.

Each army holding two thousand three hundred and forty seven souls.

They were both exhausted, tired beyond measure unable to stop more than a few seconds before another wave of warriors tried to drown them.

Still they fought, lances, beams, and walls of light lashing and licking their foes into ashes.

Silver claws gleaming slashing any foes who came to close, teaching them the price for trying to deny their return to the world of the living.

Even as Spectrum burned the last warleader to ashes, its spear blasted past her to strike true, cruelly piercing Alphas thigh, sending a spray of blood across the already golden sands.

Spectrum cried out and rushed to his side, as the bells of the dead thundered and tolled, announcing that for the first time a mortal soul had won free of death.

Light flared from her body as she held Alpha, and A golden light the color of dawn poured from her eyes, healing her lover, mending his wound and washing away his exhaustion.

Soft words were spoken as they stood, they bowed before Anubis with solemn respect and then with tired smiles of love and victory.

They stepped through the archway between Duat and the world of men, returning home together.

Inside the tunnel Bast awaited them. “My son, never have I been prouder, but you must beware. As your power has grown so too has that of your enemies. The shadowspawn grow ever stronger and you will need your allies more than ever before. Even now their wicked corrupted beasts ravage another city of your world.” She turns cat eyes to Lady Spectrum and smiles “Adopted daughter of Ra, your foe is ever stealthy and cunning. You must be merciless in your cleansings. To that end take this ring, and good fortunes will find you, Sadly I can do no more be well my children.”

A long time ago..(well ok Yesterday)
In our galaxy not too far away...

Planet Ar’danex,
Coul’ma Hegemony
3,126 Light years from earth in the Perseus Arm.

“Thank You again my friends! Without you Ja’orths war machine would have surely destroyed us all!” The Human being spoken too again did his odd facial response. Turning redder and baring his teeth in a way Koroth had learned meant he was embarrassed but happy. “Koroth how could we not help? We could not let Ja’orth destroy a star just to fuel a war ship, made to enslave billions? No we HAD to help even if we were on our honeymoon!” Next to the brown haired youth his flame haired bride nodded emphatically.

“No way were we abandoning you in your time of need after all you have done for earth!” Koroth smiled and slithered forward to embrace them both. His four powerful arms embraced him even as he rose up on his tail and flicked each of his dear friends cheeks with his tongue. “Very well my friends. The system is repaired and running Step through the portal if you must and it will return you to your planet. Are you sure you do not wish to stay a bit longer? It will be at least a solar rotation of your world before I can get free and return to the Guardians.”

He searched both their faces with a smile knowing full well the answer. The young hero known as Matter Lord reached out to take Phantasm’s hand and gave his ex-teammate a rueful grin. “No my friend we have been away too long and our families and friends will be worried about us and of course there are always new threats to our people cropping up. We have to depart. “
“Then I wish you a safe return, and easy battles” So saying he slid back as the two heroes, already famous on their own world stepped through the portal and left the world they had saved behind.”

Light years away In angel falls a large triangular gateway opens flashing with blue red green silver and gold lightnings as it neatly bisects a tree in the main park. Stepping forth several citizens cheer seeing Matter Lord and Phantasm return to guard them once again.

10-21-2018 Session Notes

And the story continues…. Maybe…

The idea was to move the 250 foot woman from Santiago , Chile to Berlin near the 6th gate area.  Smokey went to Santiago to teleport her while the rest of the team went to Berlin with amp to assist in the fun when the heros show up….

And now the 250 foot tall naked Latina that is holding a wale is in Berlin.  Smokey then finds Eduardo and his skinny chick cheat girl friend and teleports them to Berlin in front of the large 250 foot.  Then she picks up the car and crushes it in her hand. 

Smokey transported 20 scorpions and then amped them into the 250 foot woman's hair.  18 grow and she starts flinging them away.   Smokey reamps the 2 others missed originally

A German super hero from the 1930s reawaken in the 2000's (

https://www.deviantart.com/art/Reflections-471063779 ) arrived and killed a scorpion with her two swords.

3 other super heros are arriving – fire , lighting streaks and another ice based one on a ice board.

Dr Goodman was able to save 2 double baby strollers and their mothers from the pincers of the scorpions.

Tiz was stealthily approaching to get close to the ice man.  Smokey put up a gateway to space in front of the ice man who passed through it (to space outside our solar system).  Tiz was able to avoid the gateway before it closed.

And until next time , villain on !!

09-16-2018 Session Notes

Smokey and Shadow goddess are going to checking on who at Until is keeping an eye on the 'Slaughter house 6' .  Taking Shadow goddesses security guard Alexandra Garcia to blend in while we look to find and scan the UNTIL main contact for the project tracking us.  This is to gain intel on how much they know about us and what to expect.

Fury is going to transport Dr. Goodman to the research camp in Colorado where the Native American Indian children that Dr Goodman has been sheparding and has an interest in.

From the info on who makes the decisions:

She says in the event of a super villain or in your case a group becoming an international or world class threat the people who would be called in to discuss countermeasures would be secretary to the UN on security matters matthias gruenwald… General Xioa Siang of the PROC and admiral holland of UNTIL.

We need to have Alexandra look for Admiral Holland's attache/personal assistant (Kent Forsythe). This is whom we will  have a conversation with Alexandra .  Smokey made him come over to the van and Alexadtra talked to him while Smokey read his mind of projects and other important things for the Admiral.  There are various detectors within a few blocks of the Until HQ.  Maybe we need to go to startbucks a few blocks away to move away and continue and to include giving him the parasite to control him.   We will have him and the parasite completely remove that this conversation ever happened in the van and that Smokey will when we return to the Until HQ, will brainwash this encounter from Kent's mind.

Dr Goodman and Fury went to check on the children.  And there was obviously something where the children are gone and they are concerned for loss of the research for decades.  Dr goodman makes it known that he did made the children so he knows how.  And the dr asked Dr Goodman to know how  which he called him a stupid human.  And the dr asked about all the diseases that were cured from all their ailments.

UNTIL has 3 projects are active for looking for us and we are on a shoot to kill order.  Projects are 1) using energy signatures, 2) trying to use magic to determine our next move and 3) photonic detection from Satellites to detect Smokey.   They are also looking for TS but are looking to hit him with everything when he is detected.

UNTIL is aware of the mutated children to reverse the damage to Dr Goodmans' surprise.  UNTIL has a specific person monitoring their missing situation and progress with hero assistance to correct their mutations.

09-09-2018 Session Notes

A week goes by with everyone working on their pet projects.

Smokey offers to Doctor Goodman to place his death stalker scorpions into a location for them to be field tested – the pentagon or the national mall were suggested.  Doctor Goodman agrees and selects the FDA campus in Maryland.

The plan is to place 100 modified death stalker scorpions to be released in multiple locations in the FDA buildings.  As they rampaged stinging people through the office building cubicles, a security guard shot one which caused it to grow to 20 feet.  Then Smokey added AMP to one of them to test it out how AMP would enhance the death stalker scorpions. It grew to 50 feet and was rampaging through the building destroying the atrium area to start.  Once Mr. Fancy pants hero showed up to attack the 50 foot death stalker scorpion, Smokey AMPed all the remaining 6 death stalker scorpions to KILL HIM!!!  With 2 other death stalker scorpions attacking Mr. Fancy pants , he was eventually impaled (YES the asshole is dead!!!) through the chest with a death stalker scorpion tail and flinging his lifeless body away.

Soon thereafter, additional heroes showed up and killed 4 of the 5 remaining death stalker scorpions over an hour period of time.  The remaining death stalking scorpion shrank down and then went into a dark place based on the live video feed still showing just a dark location that is unrecognizable.  It's whereabouts are unknown.  No worries as it is free now.

Doctor Goodman has asked Smokey to place a mating pair of death stalking scorpions into Libya near a food source – on the outside edge of the  capital Tripoli.

Doctor Goodman knows he has no way to transport any death stalking scorpions or move them. And if any go missing, he does not care.  (Note:  If other team members move them for other uses, that is okay as he does not care).

Until next time….

08-19-2018 Session Notes

Smokey assisted in gathering more creatures for Dr GoodMan (50 scorpions "Death Stalker" from the Sahara desert, some more black panther family like a mating pair and cubs, 3 kimodo dragons).

Dr. Klaus Schwineschnitzel at Hamburg, Germany children hospital who we met with, brain washed him to believe us to have him administered the drug to the 12 worst children .  We mentioned we were with Bayer testing a new clinical drug with truly quick healing properties.  And we asked that he take detailed notes in the children's charts and we will return in a few days to check the notes and update him.  Dr Hans Newman (Smokey) is the name that Smokey gave Klaus.

Then to AMP production facility in Hamburg, Germany …  Dr Goodman, Shadow Goddess and Smokey..  Smokey set an illusion of RedLine looking Dr Smith to perform an inspection of their AMP production with the shimmering Goodman form.  And keeping this illusion up to all that he interacts with.   Mr. Rutger is the plant manager who is giving the tour.  Goodman finds they are not receiving the enzymes at the proper temperature so the results of the mixture are a little different than what AMP was designed to produce (change to illusions, paranoia and stokes). Rutger is embarrassed at the last of efficiency in their lack of following the proper procedures for receiving AMP.

Note from Rutger and the glass works facility:  Rutger is researching at the glass factory he is actually trying to develop a high tensile glass item like Pyrex/titanium.. and they are very close.. if it works it could revolutionize the industry. bullet proof glass would be the LEAST of the applications.  (we will need to look into this for space glass for vehicles and such later).


Next:  UK location:  Cardiff, UK

Cover company:  Import/Export company

Lothar Wolff – owner of the company

Several Company locations like shipping warehouse locations.

Smokey sets the same RedLine Illusion with Goodman using the name Mr. Kincaid as his cover.   And Kincaid has joined the UK inspection with Smokey, Shadow Goddess and Dr Goodman.

Fred the barely competent security guard is coming along for the tour.  We are taken into the inner production facility and more processional security inside with assault files.  Upon inspection , the initial production is working as expected. But there is a production issue with the packaging of the ampules loosing 25% of the product though inefficient ampules and packaging.

The party, Wolff and Fred went to discuss the issues. Goodman ripped apart Fred explaining a crab shelling while Wolff was explaining how to do it and it would happen to him. He said it will be fixed before the next visit as he was getting sick in the trash can.


Off to LA:

Location:  Los Angels, CA  (In Chinatown)

Contact:  Mr Hugh – The Principal

Location: Abraham Lincoln High School

Shadow Goddess is teleporting to clean herself up and comes back.  Goodman moves off and shakes off like a dog.

Kincaid EMP laser beams the camera's.

Principal Hugh was at rally and Kincaid asked the vp to take over and come talk to us. Of which he said he would be back to talk to us. 

There is a walk through the maintenance areas of the school and there is a football field size production facility under the above ground football field.  No one would ever look here for a production facility.

Dr Goodman starts his inspection.  This location was upgraded from cocaine to making AMP.   She keeps a tight ship on each worker and to make sure they know what their job function is.  There are no problems with production nor packaging.  There is very little slippage in the final product.  This is for sticky fingers where there are ampules going missing in final.  Goodman notices that there is a second QA shunt to test the batches again that is directed off to a separate area that no one really goes into with its own packaging facility just collecting such that nobody notices. 

Hugh's lied about the diversion line which was for his and the chemistry teacher's retirement over what they were being paid for the AMP production by Diego.  He agrees to increase production by 50% and pay them.  Goodman gets the confirmation from the chemistry teacher that they can increase production by 50% with more workers.  He says that he will get more teenager locals for $200 a day per shift to work.  Smokey suggests we take the diverted ampules of AMP to put them directly into the supply chain ourselves (this is for our group usage really).  Goodman shakes the principals hand and crushes it saying it could have gone much worse.


Notes from prior:

Production locations controlled by each cartel lead:

Diego -  West Coast US and Japan

Alejandro -  Europe

Sanchez – Central & East Coast US along with all of Central/South America.



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