Dark Destinies

05-27-2018 Session

And so this continues….

The plan is for the Fury, Shadow goddess, Demon Caster and Goodman (with acid 5 gallon buckets), in the museum to get her when she comes to grab the painting.   Smokey and the rest of the mooks and other party members will be near by at Fenway park  .   Smokey tested teleporting into the room 250 without issue.  When Goodman says to 'Go' then Smokey will teleport the party from Fenway part to room 250.  And 20 mooks (bard and 19 of his best) armored with armed with non-energy weapons and the 2 Demon guys buddies will have their guns ready for when we get to go. 

In the museum, they bring in the painting and then added additional sensors and cameras since it’s a $100 million painting.

And no action over night.  And the museum opens in the morning….

She shows up in a suit and there are 2 UNTIL guys who were disabled and sent to the bases holding cells for later use.

Terawatt zaps the DEMON spell caster and leaves a hole in his chest.   And the group from Fenway is transported into the room with her.

And so it begins…

So Terawatt placed her hand into the wall and energized.  Shadow Goddess drained her.  Tiz drained her.  Smokey transported the painting to Alpha Base.  And also once Tiz's tank bot was taken over (included to museum by accident did not know Tiz did not want it – Smokey's bad) moved tank bot to the alpha base.  Goodman attacked her to much not any effect.

Terawatt then transported into the wall.  Tiz turned off all the power in the building.

Team Gladius -  consisting of Redline, Matthias, Castle, Blare and the lady identified on the news as Lady Dawnfire along with her dragon.

The dome over the building and several blocks is blocking teleporting (Smokey had that trapped feeling like in the vault) through it.

Shadow goddess teleports herself to the edge of the dome.

Kincaid blasts out of the top of the building and is going to try and disrupt the field.

The dragon is taking a deep breathe.

Smokey takes the team inside the building including Tiz, Kincaid, the mooks, the 2 DEMON guys and Goodman (minus Shadow Goddess) and teleported them inside the dome to the edge of the dome furthest away from team Gladius which is at the front of the museum – about 1 block away.  Kincaid attacks the dome with a particle beam disruption causing it to dim and flicker greatly but it still remained.

Will the group continue to try escape or will they confront the (cough, cough) Heros and accept the welcome wagon.  What about Terawatt and what will she do?

Until next week…..

05-20-2018 Session


So we decide to seek out some assistance from DEMON (a mage group).  And went to meet one of their mages after Tiz did some research and found out where that he hung out in a DC bar called the Succubus Club.  This was to meet a mage  who has 2 buddies.  After Smokey make mental friends with the bouncer and the weapon checker, the party entered the club with about 2 dozen women with 6 on stages and another dozen wandering around working their trade. 

Smokey scanned the bartender (Thane Drubius) who is all 'Hail DEMON' and wants into the group bad like hard-on bad. And their DEMON group has an upcoming event this coming Thursday to help the demon Atrathsaoroeahtohsaflkjsh get access to our world.  That he is all hard-on about.. 

Kincaid had Smokey check out his buddies. Low level mages not initiates but can take on cops but superheros.

Tiz walks up with shirt loosened and a picture of terawatt on her phone which gets a drink spit on Tiz.  Shadow goddess joins the meeting with Tiz and has a conversation with the High Morbane (Russell Kravitz). 

Then the rest of the group joined the party.  With Smokey teleporting to the table with the flash.  He agrees to help for her soul and 1 million in gold. 

After trying to get Shadow goddess to sign a contract which Kincaid stopped her because it was for her soul.

The team had Smokey teleport the team and the High Morbane (Russell) with his two buddies from the club to Easter Island for a private discussion.

The thing he mentioned was that he cast a dampening spell that only reduced some of her powers but not physical powers.  Shadow goddess want to have it tested on someone and she will try to mimic the power with her magic.  Russell said that it could take a few hours depending on the power of the person before the dampening is removed.

Morbane used it on Smokey (reduced control pool by 33 points) and Shadow goddess used her version on Morbane.  Smokey had his lost power back in 1 minute and Morbane had his back in 2 minutes.

Shadow goddess checked with a contact and found out that Terawatt will be interested in Picasso's The Starry Night painting which will be on display at the Boston Fine Art Museum starting tomorrow for 2 weeks.  She will try and steal it.

The team is working on the details of the plan.

Until our next episode… stay tuned…..

New Developments.
Finally a CLUE!

Team Gladius has had some rough fights in their time. They have faced some hellacious foes: Hydra, Aim, intergalactic invasion forces, black crystal beasts from beyond the stars.  But they had most often been victorious. They had had a few setbacks, a couple defeats, but never one this bad. Lady Spectrum-dead, Alpha-gone (ancient gods know where), Veridian and Mathias-critically wounded.  Between Savant's Spartans and the Slaughterhouse Six, they had done what no one else ever had – crushed Team Gladius' spirit.  Even Lady Dawnfire’s shocking arrival at the funeral and her subsequent oath to find the Six and bring them down was not enough to restore a spark of life to the team.

The Six seemed to be everywhere at once. Rumors about them were like cockroaches, spreading everywhere and nowhere. Their ability to teleport across the world in the blink of an eye was even more maddening than the Reaver's abilities; as it seemed they had two teleporters. One flashes bright and blinding while the other's powers seem dark and foreboding.  UNTIL was calling in all of its markers to try to track the villains down.  Using CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and nearly every country they were on good terms with had SOME intelligence and manpower devoted to looking for them but nothing nothing solid. Flashes in south America, ghosts in India, horrific Deaths in Venezuela, flashes and fights in Tokyo, Easter Island, London, and LA.  All across the world they were striking with impunity and merciless skill. Most recently they had appeared attacking what appeared to be nine random metahumans:

  • Ember, a flame user from Angel Falls, was attacked in a park and captured according to the giantess Miss Americana.  Witnesses claimed to have seen a woman with techno armor assisting in the take-down. The team determined it was probably the villainess they had code-named Cyberbitch showing off a new use of her cyber-kinetic powers.
  • Icehawk, was taken while trying to foil a bank robbery in New York. Using four bank robbers with FLAME throwers of all things who left the bank and several patrons with varying burns. Another atrocity to make them pay for! Icehawk's powers seemed to have been hampered somewhat by the elemental-using villainess that Redline dubbed Empedoclea..(named after some Greek scholar but the rest just called her Clea for short.)
  • Lady Sayonara a powerful brick captured while trying to stop a gang war in LA. Witnesses said she went toe-to-toe with the bastard who killed Alpha. The analysis came back 99% likely this was Kincaid. The team code-named him Callous for his brutal attacks and merciless nature.  There was some hope they could track his unique energies and locate the villains, but so far they had not managed to do so.
  • Gallant the Golden was taken down in New Pacifica after investigating a disturbance caused by the Six. Throwing cars into nearby buildings, the casualties numbered 22; just to get the attention of a hero to trap. Witnesses reported the snake/scorpion man in the fight before Gallant was overwhelmed. The team now call him Chimera.
  • Gamma Girl was attacked and captured in broad daylight, seen to be taken like all the rest by the flash teleporter.  Some contacts rumor he goes by the name Smokey. The team continues to call him Dazzle.
  • Dragster, a young speedster, was taken out fast and hard.  He was taken first of all of them.
  • Drake, a flying hero with dragon-like powers was attacked and taken down by fire from the Six's minions, if reports were to be believed. 
  • Jadreen of the Black Flame was captured in London during a knock-down, drag-out fight with her and her four elemental knights.
  • Calamity Jane is a massively powerful brick they managed to kidnap from a Japanese MMA fight.

Then there were other sightings: Darknessa in South America, having a fucking PARTY during Lady Spectrum's funeral at the notorious drug dealer El Chappo's house, according to informants.

Things were getting intense. The pressure from on high and their own PERSONAL need to deal with these monsters was building to a fever pitch.

Even as Blaire and Redline did their fastest investigations of the sightings, Lady Dawnfire, her dragon ally and her pupil Mathias were in their basement headquarters performing a ritual to try to track down the elusive group and give them some idea where to focus all their anger and righteous fury.

That was when the computer screen Blaire was working with went on the fritz. Crackling and showing old style static patterns before resolving into a shadowy face. “I know where they will be. I know what they will do next.  I even know WHY they have attacked the meta humans they did. I can give you the Slaughterhouse Six.  But you are going to have to do something for me…”

05-06-2018 Session

Calamity Jane – and that happened.

The plan was to transport her to Chernobyl then changed to transporting her over Easter Island and smokey telekinesis holding her above the island while Fury removed the air around her and Shadow goddess draining her health while the rest of the party attacks her.

Kincaid and Smokey went to the underground MMA fighting where she was fighting to grab her.   Smokey ran into the scan of the yakuza telepath. Smokey was nice and told her to 'avert her eyes' then he teleported Calamity Jane to 50,000 feet above the center of Easter Island.  Then Fury and Shadow goddess attacked her.  Tiz attacked her and so did Kincaid.  Calamity Jane then threatened Kincaid and she won a presence attack threatening to find him and do worse things than rip his dick off.  This caused Kincaid pause.  After continued attacks a drain, she was transported to Twisted Savant's ship and placed in her anti-grav and dampening room.

One person left, TeraWatt .  And lots of planning is required given her unique abilities..

Quid Pro Quo
Or, Kincaid takes on a side-quest...

Kincaid squatted on his haunches in front of the battered and bloody man bound to the chair by crimped circlets of rebar, he gently (relatively speaking) slapped the man's face.

"Hey hey!  No passing out now amigo!"  He spat the last word, sarcasm and irony dripping from his voice.  "Isn't that what you called me when we made our deal?  Amigo?  It doesn't matter,  we're almost done here, just a few more questions."

The man groaned and spat a gob of bloody spittle onto the floor, and when his eyes found the small pile of pieces next to him, the groan turned into a moan of despair.  He stared with a mixture of hatred and revulsion out of his one remaining eye, and let a hissing torrent of curses in Espanol spill forth before his fear took hold again.

"Yeah, I know buddy, it's gross isn't it?  I mean, that is a pile of you.  Well, it used to be you.  Try not to think about it though, just focus on answering my questions and we won't need to add to the pile.  Well, okay I lied, we do need to even things up.  We can't have them uneven now can we?"

Kincaid produced a cigar cutter that was covered in gore and what appeared to be some kind of ground meat.  He slid the longest of what apparently used to be the man's fingers into the opening of the cigar cutter, and after cocking his head sideways in an appraising look, he closed the cutter with a wet, yet somehow crunchy, snap.  Another piece fell away and made a moist plop as it landed on the floor.  The man screamed, and briefly the fire came back into his eyes, but only for an instant.  He whimpered and said something in Spanish. 

Kincaid smiled and nodded, "Yes, the computers as well.  You've been very helpful so far amigo, we're nearly done.  Wait one…"  He leaned in and squinted at the man's remaining eye.  "You've got something in your eye, let me help you."

The man's eye widened and he began to violently turn his head from side to side, however Kincaid palmed the top of his head and the movement stopped, although it was clear that the cessation hadn't been voluntary.

"Stay very still, amigo, this will only take a second."   He reached for the man's eye, pinched his eyelid between his finger and thumb, and smiled.  "Okay, deep breath…"  With a sudden motion he yanked the eyelid from the man's face, and dropped it onto the pile.

This time the man simply whimpered as blood streamed into his eye, his body was wracked with sobs now as his shoulders slumped and he began to spill his remaining secrets.

"Come on now…no tears amigo.  What did you think was gonna happen?"  His voice went from the soothing voice of a friend to whipcrack harshness.  "Did you think I'd just let you fuck me like one of your dumb sluts?  Like your daughter?"  He took a calming breath and he regained control of his voice again.  "Let's put a pin in that for a moment, we'll get back to Elena, because I'm going to have some fun with her when I find her, but let's finish with the accounts and your stash first.  I want to know where you've hidden your numbers nerd, and where you've stuck the good stuff, the stuff you kept for yourself."

From somewhere, the man managed to summon up a final bit of backbone when confronted with threats to his child.  He bared the broken and splintered remains of his bloody teeth, and spat a gob of lumpy spittle onto Kincaid's face.

Kincaid recoiled with a growl "You stupid fucking beaner piece of shit!"  He wiped the spit away and reached for the man's hands, casually unbending the rebar and taking an appraising look at them.  "Seems like we've run out of fingers, amigo.  But it's cool.  For that little spit stunt, we're gonna take the toes too."  He bent the rebar back into place and took the cigar cutter to the man's squirming toes.  The man screamed in pain and despair as a series of wet and crunchy snaps followed, and the man began to talk again, visibly desperate to provide the information.  

"There we go amigo, I knew you had it in you.  And look, you still have three of those crusty little piggies left!"  Another wet and crunchy snap.  "Well … two.  I'm not a fan of odd numbers".  He smiled and patted the man on his head as he sobbed.  "It's ok.  I'm going to go run down this information, and if you've lied to me …", He sucked air through his teeth.  "I'm going to cut every piece I can think of cutting off of your daughter's tasty ass before I fuck her to death.  Capisce? Or I guess I should say comprende?  Amigo?"  The only response from the broken man was sobs, but he managed a very small nod.

Kincaid flashed a chilling smile and turned to what used to be the man's bodyguards.  

"Go bring me the accountant, I'm going to check out this dumb fuck's stash."  His eyes hardened and narrowed. "And don't dally, it's time we finished up here and got back to the world.  You don't want to be an amigo like him, do you?"

The guards saluted enthusiastically and literally ran to complete the errand.

Kincaid turned to the man's desk and took a pen from the drawer and scribbled something on a bloody sheet of paper.  He withdrew a knitting needle and held it up so that the man could see it.  

"I don't know who the old bag was that was knitting upstairs, but she's not gonna need this anymore, and it's perfect to turn this" and he held up the sheet of paper "into a sticky note!"

He placed the note on the man's chest, and then wove the tip of the needle through the skin of his chest several times, like pinning a note to a toddler.  The man didn't even scream this time.

"Sic Semper Proditur, you fucking asshole.  Do you know what that means?  Of course you don't, latin is a language for smart people, and you're obviously" he leaned down until they were nose-to-nose, (well nose-to-bloody-hole-in-his-face) and screamed at him "the DUMBEST MOTHERFUCKER ON THE PLANET."

He turned to another of the guards.  "Take me to the bunkhouse so I can verify the contents of his stash, the rest of you sweep this place and make sure nobody here is still breathing except that piece of shit" He thumbed toward the man.  "I want to have everything loaded and ready to go when they get back with the nerd."

He smiled inwardly.  This had gone well, he had disabled the security cameras with an EMP, doubled down on the recorded footage to erase it, and he now had it all, but there were still a few people he needed to "visit", namely el presidente and that little slut Elena, but the night was still young.  He had to get it done and get back in time for the next super-bounty…

If they caught that green chick, he intended to put a dent in her cherry before they turned her over to Savant, that was some tasty-looking Captain Kirk shit right there.

Dr. Mark Goodman's Plan for World Domination

So… what's Goodman's plans? That's a good question, but one the GM deserves an answer to devil


04-01-2018 Session Notes

And so the running down the list for Twisted Savant continues..  (Smokey internally asking himself: I sure hope we are getting something REALLY good out of all this).

The plan – at night during her patrol route near 'The Promenade' park with a mugging of Shadow Goddess by Bard with it being done while Ember does her patrol by the park.   Smokey will be walking in the park when this happens (yes walking not teleporting) .  Fury is air form and desolidified. Kincaid will be using his holographic projector to be a cloud.

A mugger with a shotgun tried to mug Tiz in the woods after disassembling his shotgun.  He ran off.

And Ember has a friend with her.  Ms. Americana in star spangled suit and gets really big and hits things hard.

Fury suppresses her defensive abilities.  Multiple green bolts hit her and she gets knocked to the ground unconscious and bleeding.  Smokey then teleports her to the tanker where he has delivered the other heros to Twisted Savant's associated for "questioning" or 'reconditioning' whatever he wants them for.

The star spangled girl is entangled in a web of darkness. 

Then she grows to 90 feet tall and attacks the dark cloud that attacked ember.

Fury changes to earth form and is 24 feet tall.

Group decides to leave Ms. Americana alone and leave. Shadow Goddess teleports Bard out while Smokey teleports everyone else all but Kincaid and Fury due to weight restrictions with Fury's earth form.  Fury stays in earth form to take Ms. Americana attack.  Smokey returns to the park to get Fury out.

5th target down and 5 more to go….

Next target -  Jadreen of the Black Flame   (location London)  - 

An art auction is occurring that she probably will be attending.  Kincaid has a contact that can get invitations .  The approach is to talk to her first and then if it goes south then attack her.  Kincaid, Shadow Goddess, Tiz  and Smokey are dressing up with Dr. Goodman (invisible) inside as backup incase this goes south and fury as air form.

A dwarf wins the auction and there is an altercation with another gentlemen about 'you have no idea to how to use them properly'.  They load the case with a tracer in the van and are moving.  On the Vauxhall bridge they are black wall. We run into Jadreen and Smokey teleported the gems to the Chilean base to hold it.  Kincaid talks to her that we want to talk and she can have the gems back.  We meet in the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to "talk" to her.    And the group goes to the gardens to meet with her.

She was not willing to talk to Twisted Savant so the combat ensued.

So, she was entangled by Shadow Goddess and suffocated by Fury. Her 4 minions attacked what was holding her along with various group members like Shadow Goddess. Jadreen attacked the party with a 60m aoe attack which knocked down a few party members.  Shadow Goddess use syphons kiss multiple times to revive the party members.  AS soon as Smokey was back when Jadreen was unconscious then he transported her to the tanker to Twisted Savants crew and advised them of her 4 minions also.

The party removed themselves from the fight location after Jadreen was removed from the field.

And now there are only 4 targets left…..  And the story continues…..


"Everybody Knows"

North Atlantic Ocean, Canary Islands

27.484, -17.084, 45 Miles south of Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Point Commander Amanda Macready straightened her uniform for the hundredth time and licked her lips. She had over four hundred combat hours, had literally fought space aliens in her time as a Spartan but what lay beyond the door ahead left her weak-kneed and made her heart race.


It was a simple black metal door, set into the side of the portable command center the Spartans had installed into the Terran oil tanker. On the other side lay a Communication, Command and Control chamber, an information pod, as well as a small bare sleeping chamber, refresher and an ATHENA network node. She had seen dozens and even used one as her command post before. But this one…this one was being used by HIM. The man who had saved her life. Renewed her body and mind and given her a Purpose. The Creator of the entire Spartan army and Lord of the Seven Cities. She was the very LAST Spartan, the newest, chosen and created by Savant himself only hours before the Alterran event.


The celebrations for his return were still going on. Every single base and city had a continuous party of off-duty personnel keeping the celebration going. Higher-ups had approved it, as had He, provided it did not inhibit ongoing operations or security. But she and thirty others had been tapped for a mission. Setting up an oil tanker as a command post and holding point for ten Supers. A secure, secret and untraceable base was the mission and she and the rest of the Spartans had made damn sure it would be ready when their Lord got there!


Now they had received word he had arrived. And as directed by her Star Commander, she was the one sent to welcome him. She pressed the notification button on the small pad set into the door then stared ahead as it scanned her retina. A moment later she heard, “Come!”


Stepping inside, she heard the door swish shut behind her and immediately stopped in shock. It was his voice- she had heard not the distorted one used by his armor. The inside of the room was dimly lit by projected holograms and consoles lights. The overhead lights were off. She could see him even so, covered in projected images and screens, as he stepped out of the refresher with a towel around his waist and drying his hair. She stood staring for a long moment as he did so and he did not speak as he dried his hair and arms. The smartest human ever born, savior of the human race and internationally condemned Super Villain didn’t specifically look like any of those. He looked like a black-haired, evil-spock, goatee-wearing poster boy for LA Fitness.


Even after only a few days of rejuvenation his muscles had regained their tone, the sunken look in his eyes had receded and he moved with a smooth, confident grace. A far cry from what she had partly glimpsed staring past a hundred other Spartans when he was returned to them. The Holotank was broadcasting silent images of three of the battles his new allies had been involved in. Two came from the news feeds and one from the spy drones planted around London to record unusual activities. Beyond it, the only sound in the room was one screen apparently showing a music video and playing loudly; it sounded familiar to her but she was not sure where she had heard it before.


“Everybody KNOWs the dice are loaded…

Everybody Rolls with their fingers crossed…

Everybody KNOWS the war is over…

Everybody knows the good guys lost…

Everybody KNOWs the game is RIGGED,

The poor stay poor, the rich get rich…”


Savant gestured with one hand and the music changed to half volume and he tilted his head to regard her. “Point commander”, he paused, then smiled. “Macready is it not? I am pleased to see you again.”


His words send a shudder down her spine. It was not just that he recognized HER on sight. No, that was to be expected. He knew ALL of his Spartans. Each and every single one of them. And it wasn’t that he was physically perfect and just a few feet away. No, some women loved broad shoulders or swooned at the sight of six pack abs. Many liked firm muscular buttocks or strong arms. He had all those in spades. But what hit her like a hammer had always been a weakness even before her change. It was his voice, deep and melodious, and it made her want to hear him sing. And so many other things…


“Yes, my Lord. Star Commander Delray sent me to inform you that your new allies have succeeded admirably and brought in four of the ten meta-Humans you wished them to capture. She reports the containment cells are working perfectly and they are all in good health and recovering from their brush with the Slaughterhouse Six.” “Lord” Savant smiled at her and nodded. “Excellent news. I shall begin with them immediately upon my finishing up here.”


She frowned ever so slightly. “My lord, forgive me but we did not install any “persuasion” chambers on board.” Savant smiled darkly, reflecting for a moment, “No, my dear Point Commander, there are not. As dearly as I would enjoy educating Lady Sayonara in new duties, it is not her loyalty I am here to gain. Simply information. From her. From all of them. “ Savant hung the towel on a hook, causing her to inhale deeply and shift ever so slightly.


She wondered about the rumors that he produced some sort of pheromone that affected females. That or all his Spartans were created with a desire for him imbedded. Or something addictive blended into his physiology. All were theories. Whatever it was, it affected the heroines he captured and tormented, or enslaved, as well. It didn’t matter, she decided. The fact was every single one of his Spartans loved him, wanted him, and would die for him. Their training taught them not to unless there was no other way to accomplish the mission. Thus, they all supported his grand work and did it with utter devotion and desperate loyalty.


“You plan to interrogate them without using duress?”, she asked swallowing, torn between intense curiosity and desire. He chuckled, then held up one hand and gestured. “Oh yes, indeed, my dear”, he replied. A sudden burst of emerald radiance shocked her, as his armor appeared around him and then the light faded. Clad in his immensely formidable battle armor once again, he stretched his shoulders a moment then turned his head to her.


“Yes, my dear, I am going to Educate them. Give them information few humans and no one on this world know of. Then, I shall appeal to their loss and their heroic resolve to help others and save the world.”

“And then my Lord?” she stepped back as he strode towards the door, to follow in his wake. “Then my dear, we shall set them free!”

03-25-2018 Session Notes

Some spent some exp.

Reviewed list of people needed to be questioned.  #1 target is Icehawk in London.

Duetsche Bank robbery with 4 mooks led by bard.  Moira and Goodman went into the bank.  Tiz, Kincaid and Smokey were inside the café in the building with the bank lobby.  A blizzard outside when Icehawk arrived.  Tiz and Kincaid slip on the ice outside the bank.  The blizzard is a few kilometers in size.  60M sheet of ice sheet outside the bank.   Icehawk was going towards Fury.  Between Fury, Kincaid, Shadow Goddess, Dr. Goodman and Smokey, the flying Icehawk had his wings clipped. Once unconscious, he was cuffed and delivered to Twisted Savant's tanker by Smokey before he woke up. 

The mooks have 4 big bags full of goods from the bank vault.  And started the bank on fire with their exit..  Smokey assumes they had to field test the new toys.  So they work, a bonus!!

An important safety tip for the mooks from Bard: wear heat resistant suits when using the flamethrowers!!!

4 down, and 6 to go…

Next target will be Ember.



Well, I couldn't help myself.  When Kincaid slipped El Chapo the parasite, I just had to whisper in his ear before Kincaid could say anything.  Sometimes, it seems like The Shadows have a mind of their own.  I'm not sure I could have stopped myself even if I tried.  Escobar took it all well, I had him listen to Kincaid while we were all there.  I visited him again afterwards and gave him a throw away phone to contact me. 

We were busy for a while, doing evil deeds and whatnot, so I didn't get back to Columbia for a couple weeks. Escobar reported excellent results with the drug and the distribution of said.  I put him in touch with my contact in Chicago and they are working together and getting word out and making some serious money.

FUCK YEAH!  That bitch is dead.  Fecking hell, she was a pain in my arse.  That right cunt deserved what she got.  I'm on cloud fuckin nine.  I took such pleasure from fucking her up and the guns at the end were glorious.

I feel like an epic party, so making that happen in Columbia.  Two birds and all.  I pop in and talk to Escobar, who is talking to his daughter.  That is one fine piece of ass, I'll tell you that.  Holy fuck.  No distractions….yet.  We discuss throwing the party and I have him contact the Columbian President to set up a meeting.

Once that is done, I turn my attention to Elena because that woman is FINE and I have an almost uncontrollable urge to RAWRTAKETHAT.  I do my best to reign the Shadows in, but a small tendril wraps around her and well, let's just say I tag that ass.  The Shadow Tag will let me find her anywhere she goes…how convenient!  I talk with her briefly, too, small talk and I invite her to lunch with me after that party.  To discuss her personal aspirations.  Yeah.  That.

The party is off the chain, of course, lots of Columbians rolling with Amp, Lady fucking Spectrum's funeral on the projection screen.  When that dragon rider sets down, the roar from the crowd is ear splitting.  I am ecstatic!  I danced until I couldn't, letting the Shadows weave thru and around the crowd…my power feeding off the crowd, as it is wont to do.  Luckily, the lights and Amp hide most of what happens from the normals.

Fade to Black

Fuck, hangovers suck.  But so worth it.  Today, we're meeting the President aboard his plane.  I make sure the new parasite from Goodman is secure with the Amp I'm dosing him with.  From watching Goodman's latest experiment, it was apparent that Amp really helped the parasite take hold.  Elena serves as a welcome distraction for the first half of the flight, as I watch those dark, intelligent eyes noticing everything as she flirts with the President and chats with her father and I.  She really is gorgeous and the Dark parts of me are completely intrigued.

About half way through the flight, I pour the men new drinks, carefully dosing the President's whiskey. The Amp takes a moment to kick in, but you can see his demeanor change completely.  I'm bored at this point, but we discuss Columbia taking control of their drug business and how to ultimately make ALL drugs legal in the country.  I advise him to talk to the Portuguese, Italian and Spanish Presidents since they've done the same recently.  The parasite worked every so nicely, very happy with the results.

My lunch with Elena went well, she seems like she could become a good "asset".  Her ambition is quite a thing of beauty to behold.  I can work with this.  The Shadows do their best to encourage me to …..taste her…touch her…..wrap her…..allow my Darkness to…  And I do my best to keep it from overwhelming me; keeping most of it at bay.

Finally, before I leave Columbia, I do show her who I really am (in private), but quickly leave.  That Darkness is a little overwhelming right now, so I take my leave from her.







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