Dark Destinies

A nice jog

Tiz slowed to a cool down jog and made a few more laps around the 5th level of the base. That fucking mook had pissed her off pretty good and she’d been real close to finding out exactly how much damage her new gauntlets would do to the asshole. Instead she’d simply jacked him up a bit and let him know if he didn’t do as he was told, she’d slow roast his leg and feed it to that crazy ass lizard/bug Dr. still attached. Needless to say the smart mouthed little nerd got to work configuring the routers she would need later. She would of course have to thoroughly check his work and it wasn’t really saving her any time in the long run. But, she’d learn a few very important things about the little punk for having made him do it. 

She came around the corner and quickly dodged Kincaid on the way into his rooms. She didn’t quite get that guy. Okay let’s be real, she didn’t get any of them really. And she damn sure didn’t trust any of them. This little band of wanna be villains she’d managed to get tangled up with. They’d all been busted out of prison by the robot. And she used that term loosely, Iota was certainly more than just a robot. She’d busted them out, they’d retrieved the key to this base, entered it, and then everything had turned into a fucking shit show. A shit show with benefits mind you, but getting shot at by a giant fucking battle droid for lack of a better term definitely qualified as a shit show in Tiz’s book. The room had been blown all to shit and the pods along with it, releasing the powers that the crazy fucker that built this place had been storing like trophies. The getting shot at had sucked, the powers, that for whatever reason seem to be absorbed by her and her companions, not so much.

Tiz was quite happy with the powers. She could feel the electronics in her vicinity, and better yet, to some degree she could control them. This was going to be fun!! She’d pretty much been working them out every waking minute since she got them. There was a lot to be done around here. Everyone wanted her help with something. And they needed internet god damn it. She was fine with being busy, she loved this shit. It didn’t hurt that she was learning every electronic inch of this place inside and out. That little self-destruct hitch was mildly concerning, but she was pretty sure had that under control as long as it stayed powered.

Yeah, busy was good. It kept her from thinking about exactly what her new companions were capable of. She’d seen some amazing and fucking creepy shit already. Well, at least she had the camera feeds in most areas to let her know what they were up to, especially the Dr., that dude was just….yeah…no words. Her jog turns to a walk and she heads back to check on the mook before hitting the shower. It was gonna be another long day.


Twistedsavant Impchic

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