Dark Destinies

A specimen request

Goodman finds Smokey in the halls of the base.

"Um, hello Smokey. It is Smokey, right? I'm not so good with… well… people. I wonder if you would be willing to help me further my research. I need a specimen. A Komodo Dragon."

Goodman seems to sway slightly from side to side. "You can find them in Indonesia on the island aptly named Komodo. They're called Komodo Dragons. Very interesting creatures, biologically speaking. They have a pair of glands that secrete proteins that are extremely virulent, causing blood to not coagulate, hypothermia, lowered blood pressure, and paralysis. The end result is death of those bitten."

"So, will you be able to help me catch one?"


Oh hey… Let me look here (pulls out laptop and gets google earth view of the island and its location). And also googles Komodo dragon to see what they look like.

So… you want one of these (pointing to picture on the screen) and you want it in an empty cage in your lab – you will have to show me which one and then I can get one into your cage.

Out of curiosity, are you going to experiment on it and not have it as a pet roaming around the base? Just thinking a high mortality for the mooks might be a morale issue if it is a base pet roaming… Just thinking of the noise level outside of the usual.

But yeah, show me where you want it and I can get one for ya…

A specimen request
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