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"Reavers, GO!" 

Lagrange extended both hands, and the cybernetically linked gloves on each hand began to sparkle and dance with golden motes of light.

"Let's see first how about a blockade." He chose a spot two blocks away both to his right, his visor magnifying it easily. 

He effortlessly decided and ten feet below the cars and pedestrians, gravity simply seemed to stop working for 1.12 seconds.

The results were both instantaneous and energetic to say the least.

Cement, asphalt, pipes and dust erupted upwards with a whooomph of displaced air, then rained back down as gravity reasserted itself. 

Screams and cries of surprise and shock greeted this event, as people stomped their brakes and swerved to avoid debris, pedestrians, and each other. 

Smiling in delight he turned and performed a similar and equally devastating action two blocks to his left leaving a twenty foot hole in the center of both intersections. 

Traffic immediately halted and people began to look up and around, to see the source of this horrible and violent interruption of their morning. Many quickly began to move as best they could away from the affected areas. 

Searching the road below he smiled spotting a limo, then pointed his left hand, clad in his gauntlet and golden motes. A needle thin sliver of golden motes streaked outward. 

Everything in its path, including the engine block of the limo and four feet of ground beneath it, instantly collapsed inward. All matter in its path and within a two foot radius around the needle was subjected to one hundred times normal gravity till it stopped a half second later. The sudden compression and decompression of air created a wavering heat mirage effect behind the sliver before it impacted the hood of the limousine.

The result was a carefully controlled and neat four foot across hole in the engine compartment of the limo leaving it completely empty, save for a small extremely dense sliver of metal and earth on the ground in the center. 

"Hahaha! Chalk up a limo for me! "He crowed." that's three off the bat."


Transit appeared on the roof of a thirty-four story building. It housed several dozen law offices and the top five floors were leased to one of the local Radio Stations. The one with the obnoxious radio show host who let his balls do the interviews, instead of his brains. Transit liked his style.

Large antenna and dishes festooned the roof and he walked carefully among them with a smile. Reaching the edge he inhaled the fresh air deeply and gave a laugh of delight just to be outside. On a mission. Today was going to be FUN!

Stepping up to the ledge he looked over then down at the traffic below. The magnifier in his visor kicked in, zooming the ants below into recognizable shapes and faces. 

"And now" he proclaimed theatrically, "this is when I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless little lives." 
He heard a both a groan and a sigh over the comms, and he could almost see both Inertia and Lagrange rolling their eyes. 

Far below the morning traffic moved by at a good speed due to the long green lights in this area of the city. After a moment of searching he spotted a pair of long dark limos moving together through the traffic like black sharks. He chuckled nastily and raised both hands. Far below twin gateways formed right in front of each limo leaving no time for the drivers to break or swerve out of the way. 

The drivers immediately hit the brakes but that did not prevent them from sliding through the portals in front of them. They slid and skidded through the sand and hit the early morning surf. The portals closed behind them leaving them trapped on one of Angel Falls' more remote beaches. 

"Ha two limos in the bag! You two might as well give it up. Ok, moving three blocks up!" He vanished with a last laugh to reappear on a building three blocks closer to his goals. 

"This city won't even know what happened when we get done!" 

Inertia looked down over the scene below her.  One of Angel Falls busiest intersections teamed with early morning commuters, cars, trucks, city busses.

All completely unaware of what was to come. Maybe not completely. It was Angel Falls after all, she mused, and it was completely possible some hero or heroine was down there in their secret ID on their way to work.

That would be interesting she thought. She was eager to test her skills and powers in battle against some of Angel Falls famous Meta-human protectors. 

See if one of these super strong bimbos could match the strength and versatility of her ability to control, alter, or spontaneously generate Kinetic and Inertial forces.

"For the moment" she muttered to herself. She returned her thoughts to those below and spotted what looked like an AFPD black and white with lights blazing having pulled over a 2011 Corvette.

With a smirk she reached out and the police car was surrounded by a black corona, red near the fringe, and then rose into the air, drawing shouts from the officer and several pedestrians nearby. 

With a contemptuous flick of her powers she sent the police car sailing in an arc that would end in the waters of the bay. Below the police officer looked around and up while chattering into his radio.

"Let him call it in" she thought "for all the good it will do him" "And I have just bagged a cruiser. Do try to keep up boys!" she said with a musical laugh.

"Heading for next waypoint." She reported. Black and red energy coruscated around her as she rose into the air and took off like a shot moving towards the next area three blocks closer to her companions and their target.


Several dozen blocks away in the offices of Smooth Commute Inc., all hell was breaking loose. The traffic control computers reported three simultaneous disruptions and the main views switched onto the four foot monitors dominating the central wall.

The footage showed the last minute in time at double speed then again at normal speed and began to suggest changes to the traffic flow to handle the incident.

One of the supervisors cursed as he watched the mayhem and shook his head. He checked with several subordinates and made sure the auto warning system had notified AFPD and the AFFD as well as Titan Construction's damage control unit.

All the normal alerts had been sent and signaled received and he relaxed a bit to begin setting everything right again as he filed a preliminary report to be forwarded to the main office and the parent company, Universal Omnitech.


Lagrange landed lightly along the top of a billboard sign set on the roof eight stories above the street.  The rising sun reflected off his blue and green outfit and turned the golden metal on it to small suns to anyone who might have looked up.

Looking down he snorted as the other two racked up several more points than he had so far.

"Time to get serious about this game" He murmured to himself. He extended both hands together and then swept them down and apart. A ribbon of golden motes danced down to cover the two center lanes from intersection to intersection catching about forty cars stopped at the lights. He motioned again twisting both hands to face up as he clenched them into fists then raised his arms.

Below people screamed in shock fear and surprise as their morning commute was abruptly turned into a morning flight. All forty cars rose into the air hovering about twelve feet up. Lagrange twisted his wrists and a fresh wave of screams rang out as all of them neatly flipped upside down in unison causing chaos inside most of them.

"Now to really stir things up!" He laughed and twisted his hands again and all of the cars spun ninety degrees and lowered back down to crush down on the cars below settling almost gently as Lagrange smirked then sent a video feed to the others. 

"I claim eighty!" "No way punk you only used your powers on the upside down ones; you only get credit for those forty!" Transit immediately replied.  "He's right Lagrange, you only get forty, but" Inertia laughed "way to fucking go that's inspired!"

Lagrange laughed and pretended to breathe on his nails and buff them against his chest. "Thank you, thank you. Do try to keep up ladies!" He laughed as Transit predictably sputtered and rose into the air again to head to the next waypoint on his path.

Transit reappeared with a green flash on top of a twelve story parking garage standing on an escalade hood looking over the edge to the street below. Ignoring the alarm on it he looked around for good targets. "Eighty points my ass! He thinks he's winning this he's out of his mind. That prize is MINE!" He said to himself.

Transit glanced down and looked over the teeming mass of commuters below seeking any high profile targets.  He spotted a single police cruiser sitting in traffic and smiled. "Hmm time for something completely different!" 

He raised one hand and a circular gateway formed only three feet across. The edges seemed to shimmer like steam and dust caught in a green laser beam. Shot through with curling discharges of emerald electricity, it made his body armor gleam in reflection.

With an effort of will he sent it zipping through the air into traffic below. This was one of the most unusual uses of his power, and one of the hardest to control, but his "Razor Gates" as he called them, were one of the most useful in combat.

Normally they were much smaller, about the size of a saucer, but for this he needed to stretch it as wide as possible. Turning parallel to the asphalt, it zipped down the left side of the farthest lane about 4 inches off the ground. This path made sure it intersected numerous front and rear passenger side wheels. 

The tires instantly blew as they crossed the event horizon of the moving gateway. Sheared off clean at the molecular level it left a whole row of cars listing to one side.

With a sweeping flourish he sent it whipping through traffic in an over large Z pattern, making sure it caught three wheels on the AFPD cruiser

"Hah there we go! Chalk up, thirty-eight plus one donut wagon!"

Inertia landed gracefully atop a 10 story apartment building, one of a couple dozen that dotted the downtown area.

Offering premium access for even more premium rates, they were filled with minor names and middle managers. Citizens who had a little influence and money, but not enough to be upper crust called these apartments home. 

Across the street she could see one of the many parking garages that filled the city and allowed so many people to roam its streets and fill its offices without blocking the streets. 

She smiled as she looked below and then reached out with her powers. Four cars on the top level of the parking garage glowed with a red and black corona and rose into the air. A second later they zipped over the railings and down into traffic below.

  Like a small child she giggled and began to run them along the road, smashing them into other cars stopped below for the traffic lights.

  Her toys hit every car knocking them to the side, forwards, backwards, and even spinning several smaller ones around as she ruthlessly moved from one intersection to the next. 

"One, two, three", she counted with a laugh as she looked at the broken and crunched toys below. "Hmm let's see that's only thirty, Oh wait!" she smirked and dropped the now destroyed cars that had been her instruments of destruction. "Make that count thirty-four for me!"


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