Dark Destinies

Ancient History - Reavers

Part the First.

The roof of the Eisenhower Building in Angel Falls busy downtown section was deserted. At eight a.m. on a Friday morning no one was around to watch as three figured appeared. 

The sound of the wind and distant cars from the morning rush hour, twenty stories below, drifted up before a sort of static crackle sounded. 

There were three simultaneous flashes of emerald lightning, seemingly bursting from nowhere to swirl around invisible bodies that suddenly became visible.

Then two men and one woman stood on the roof, all dressed in the unusual garb of a superhero. Or in this case, villains.

The woman, Inertia, turned to face her companions, Lagrange and Transit. 

Each one wore a completely different outfit as befitted their powers and origins, but all had one thing in common; a belt with the Spartan Helm on it. 

It announced what the world would soon come to learn. That they were Spartans. Each was a powerful meta-human in their own right but they all obeyed and followed Twisted Savant. 

“Now you both know the rules of the game. Lagrange you go thirty blocks north and east and Transit you go thirty blocks south and east. On my signal we start and the first one to get to the AFPD Meta-human Event Secure Storage Site, with the most points, wins!”

Lagrange shook his head and smiled. “Still no points for meter maid cars?” 

Inertia shook her head and rolled her eyes. “NO it’s got to be a real donut-wagon not some overblown scooter!”

“OK so it’s, one point for cars, three points for limos, 7 points for police cruisers, ten points for SWAT or Fire trucks, and twelve points for police helicopters right?” transit asked as he ticked off each one on one hand.

“Correct. Don’t forget the real reason we are here and remember what Lord Savant said. NO fatalities.”

Both men smiled and nodded then turned as Transit gestured. Green lightning crackled on his hand as two “doorways” burst into existence. A thin band of lightning outlined each door, further delineating the holes in the air to other sections of the city. Transit was showing off again. One was shaped like a diamond set on its point while the other was a simple circle to step through.

“Ok we’re off give us a sec to make sure no supers are nearby yet and we can get this party started!” Transit said just before they both stepped through instantly crossing the distances involved. 

Inertia shook her head with a half smile. He was still young and a bit of an arrogant little prick but he was a good team player and his powers were impressive indeed. He had scored highest of all the other candidates except herself and LaGrange in the final trials earning him a spot in their little training triumvirate. 

During the last few months he had calmed down some and learned to follow orders, think fast, and adapt to all sorts of complex situations. He had to; Lord Savant demanded no less than the best each of them could give.

Lagrange had come a long way as well. Though his focus had been more on learning to fine tune the control of his powers and to use it instinctively and in multiple ways at the same time.

All of them had had that particular training, stretching their limits to make them handle more and more issues or items at the same time.
Lagrange had mastered six while Transit had mastered only five simultaneous uses of his abilities but he had developed perhaps the MOST uses for his abilities of all three of them so far. She had mastered the required eight.

All of them had been trained and tested together to serve as a team, going through literally one hundred scenarios and exercises before being loosed on Angel Falls for the mission today. Their objective was three fold, to cause as much panic and chaos as they could, gather certain materials from the AFPD MESS Site and, well she wasn’t sure of the third, that was for Transit alone.

She smiled with sadistic glee as she stepped to the edge of the roof. Her hands glowed with a red aura deepening to almost black around the edges as she tied into the QDC net. 

“Reavers, GO!”


Twistedsavant Twistedsavant

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