Dark Destinies

Blackstone Prison, LLC

10 things to know

  1. Blackstone Prison is divided into four quadrants.
  2. Blackstone Prison contains both male and female prisoners kept separated in two quadrants each
  3. Blackstone Prison is a wholly owned subsidiary of Overwatch Industries.
  4. The warden of Blackstone Prison is Tabitha Delacroix a hardened veteran of the justice system
  5. The only area inmates come within 20 yards of the opposite sex is the solitary confinement area
  6. The prison is home to three gangs, one Racist one Criminal and one Ethnic. White Supremacists, The Nemean crime syndicate, and "Das Putas" Latino-Bavarian cartel.
  7. Inmates are tracked by camera, motion sensors, heat sensors and individual gps chips implanted in the back of each inmates neck. 
  8. prison issue clothes are white and blue checkerboard pattern jumpsuits.
  9. Each quadrant contains its own outdoor area and social area.
  10. Guards are equipped with stun batons and extremely debilitating sonic stun rifles.


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