Dark Destinies

Dr. Goodson, Detective

Whoever or whatever plaguing the nearby Navajo poses a threat to my long term goals. Something needs to die, and when I find it, I will kill it. Obviously, the tribal police, such as they are, requires some serious assistance. I needed two thing this night: a Navajo criminal and access to the tribal police's records of the recent attacks. Neither should pose much of a challenge and conveniently both can be found in the same place.

Sneaking around in the dark with only the moonlight could be more of a challenge. With an ability to be invisible, well, it would be quite difficult to find me short of some intensive searching for me in the vast desert wilderness and the tiny villages within it. Oddly, the federal government has not sent any of its agents here to investigate the deaths of the recent plague which claimed so many martyrs on the path of greatness. Well, if they are not here yet, then they will likely be soon. The government always meddles…

The attacks on the Navajo, however, could be attributed to recent genetic manipulation. Why? Three things:

  1. The overdose experiment involving one of the Mexican inmates.
  2. The death percentage among the Navajo.
  3. The work with Morty.

Given the normal distribution of results, there remains a possibility that one of the Navajo experienced an unexpected mutation. While other possibilities to account for the attacks exists, I cannot deny the timing and the resulting, ah, creature… like Morty, exhibiting violence and disregard for improved life.

In any case, the first step is to learn what I can from the police. Time to break into the tribe's police station…


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