Dark Destinies

Gaming Session notes


A.T.H.E.N.A - 

Advanced. Trans dimensional. Hyper-heuristic. Experimental. Neural Artifact.


IOTA build and turned on A.T.H.E.N.A.  – note now IOTA reports to ATHENA.


ATHENA is trying to build a trans dimensional scanner to find Twisted Savant in the alternate dimension where earth is destroyed.



Went to Nuuk, Greenland to have a private chat away from the base, ATHENA and IOTA.  We decided to continue to go along with this while keeping the new secret moon base under wraps and moving things there. 


Went back to Miami to warm up and continue the discussion of plans.


New moon base in south pole region on moon unknown to IOTA and ATHENA.  Fury spent time  to setup the new base and make it sealed.  Smokey populated it with air and then we will take the recycling equip from the other moon base being used as a staging base.


Plan is to move to stuff to the staging base like we are preparing to occupy it.  Then Smokey will move stuff to our new base once the new base is ready in the south pole on the moon.


Moved all items at the bottom of the base and moved all identified items we are taking.  The lab for Goodman will be the last thing as we need the new secret base to be recycling air and water to be functional for his lab.


Tiz had the current Nevada base fabricate the parts for another fabricator for the moon base.  Took about 1 hour.


Tiz created construction bots to assist with building the new secret base infrastructure and to keep it running.

Once Goodman has stuff packed up and ready, we will transport his experiments to the new base directly.


Chile base for Goodman, may only need to be samples and schematics not the equipment itself.  Tiz can purge IOTA and ATHENA if they are found to be in any equipment we take.


Tiz is going to take the schematics for the plane.  And  we might contact the Russians who have an almost identical plane for assistance with things to get our own plane created and running.


Last thing to be moved are the mooks.  To staging moon base and then to real moon base.


Moon base todo items:

  1. Have fury create a separate chamber for a landing bay that can be sealed from space – method of entry TBD and how to keep atmosphere in and vacuum out (force field with doors that open/close maybe to a launch path to the surface) maybe Tiz construction bots and Tiz can whip up some tech magic (yeah I know more to Tiz's to do list)
  2. Will need additional supplies for maintaining on the base:

    1. food and water
    2. materials for additional fabrication (internal wall lining like Nevada base, build internal infrastructure for base, etc.)



Mexican Prison – best of the best test and 10 winners (well 11 if you include Juan the American with very bad luck and family that screwed him over to the Mexican police for drug trafficking)

Juan – Spanish translator (Smokey told him we needed a translator and to be considered as part of the staff pending his probation period – of which Smokey intentionally he did not tell him that he is on permanent probation along with being expendable)

3 prison guards

6 Mexican prisoners

1 Japanese prisoners like villain from Juan Claude Vandame movie


The prison test involved Goodman talking via a translator inside the prison yard about the top ten will be freed from the prison.  Goodman killed the Arnold Schwarzinator type guy by ripping out his heart and eating it.  Kincaid invisibly accompanied Goodman who was always in his shimmering outline for effect in the prison yard.  Smokey moved all the guards into the yard also to include them into the test.  Shadow goddess turned the afternoon into twilight for added test criteria and added stress on the participants.  Tiz disabled all the electronics including having the cell phones explode on anyone that had one which thinned the participants also. 

And then the grand melee started with Kincaid assisting in the thinning of the light weights. 

In the end after the grand test, the prison is burned to the ground via massive green bolts from on high from some unknown source…


Goodman had Smokey take the 11 winners from the prison up to the new base.  Smokey went and got the latest drug specimens for trial on the 10 prison winners.  They were given the drug and placed into a cell in the new base for safety with some bottles of water.  Also since we have moved some stuff to the new moon base, no need for them touching out shit either without permission.


Juan was searched mentally to get his truthfulness and background by Smokey. ( Juan is an American interpreter who was coming to Mexico to teach English as a second language and his family got him caught up in their business.  He is an innocent wrongly crossed by his family member hector who died in the prison test, was ratted out to the police for trafficking drugs and has not had a court date yet. Luck day for him, court is adjourned!!)   And was introduced to Bard upon return to the Nevada base and told that Juan would be joining our staff as a translator.


IOTA went to Liquid Metals in Pennsylvania to acquire a sample of a new metal that is required to build the trans dimensional scanner.  She was able to acquire this even though an anonymous tip to the Avengers from a pay phone in Nuuk, Greenland of the pending suspicious activity was unsuccessful in stopping her (second string Avengers were sent).  She will need about 7 days, 23 hours to complete the scanner after repairing herself from the encounter.



Twistedsavant ChrisWalsh

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