Dark Destinies

Gaming Session Notes - 01-21-2018

Dr Goodman was entertaining a 'Demi-god' with the Navaho tribe and the UN troops.  Until the UN called some damn heros to deal with the scary beast.  Goodman took a beating from the 'Demi-God'.

Meanwhile, Kincaid was normalizing into his new powers and feeling out how they work in the Alpha Moonbase's giant testing room.

Tiz was working on a new tank bot, work on the base(s), a new riding cat she wants and a new ship for the team.

Fury is working on the new Beta Moonbase (secret outside of IOTA and Athena's knowledge not access).

Shadow Goddess went to check on the Columbia operations to check that things were going well.

Smokey well, was allowing the mooks after linking them to see what was going on in their minds, they needed some R&R in the new base so Pimp Smokey brought up some entertainment for the mooks.  And will return the hookers later after the mooks are done.

After retrieving Dr. Goodman, he surprised a hooker in his real form in the teleport landing area who drew her 38 special and emptied the clip in Goodman.  Goodman ripped out her heart and ate it.  After the heart was removed, Smokey removed the expired hooker to the new Mariana's trench dumping ground for nature to take its course.

A news posting while on the Moonbase Alpha:
"Today in Utah near monument valley SHEILD officials report they successfully stopped a Villain terrorist attack with the Aid of UNTIL resulting in a NON nuclear explosion going off in the vicinity but no one was harmed and the terrorist base was destroyed. No information was given on the casualties among the strike team heroes or the villains involved at this time. 
"Until today released its updated Most wanted list with number seven being Slaughter house Five replacing graviton."  
"Today president trump came under fire again  this time for his controversial pardoning of Marcus Kincaid…
house Five.."

 "Today all of Angel falls celebrated the wedding  of two of its greatest heroes.. Phantasm and Matter Lord. The happy couple returned to the city for the wedding amongst friends and then departed to points unknown for their honeymoon."

The group discussed how to get some adamantium for various uses (weave into cloth for Kincaid, small amount for Dr Goodman and Tiz needing some for power source containment along with claws for her new Cat riding bot) by the team.  Athena negotiated with the Reavers to get 6 pounds of adamantium for a favor to help take down the Tempest – Until's floating platform in Czech republic.  And the team needs payback to Until after the Nevada base incident.  And the team all agreed to help and have fun with this 'heave combat' mission…..

stay tuned for next time..


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