Dark Destinies

Gaming Session Notes - 12-31-2017


And there WAS once a base in Nevada.. 


Smokey took the mooks skydiving (6 of them with Bard and one of Tiz's engineers) over Easter Island for fun and for a team building exercise.  Frick and Frack parachutes do not work and I send them back up to 10K feet over Easter Island until the rest of the mooks are down and parachutes are repacked.   Frick and Frack passed out so they were washed a few times in sea water to remove the crap and piss smell then placed into the cells back at base.


Tiz -  working on new secret base.

Dr Goodman – continuing research work and disappeared

Kincaid – working on project with Athena

Fury – at base maybe ……..  Plane status unknown..


At the Nevada base….



"Unexplained Wormhole present. Hostiles detected."

"Warning UNTIL Personnel Detected"  (United Nations Tribunal International Law)

(think SHIELD but for the united nations)


Smokey -  moved all the mooks to the new moon base and then move Goodman's lab. And then grab frick and frack. And  Tiz's tank bot was last technically.


On the bottom floor – a worm hole/portal with 6 dudes in heavy armor and then 6 shiny people in spandex.

Kincaid uses shield to push the first dudes back into the portal.  The heroes return fire on his shield and took it down.

Moira creates darkness on them but not us. She attacked the wormhole portal guy and wounded him.  Kincaid affected the portals to half their size and then a second portal opened up. 


Starburst blinds Kincaid for a few actions.

Blare uses a sonic attach to impact Kincaid.

Tiger was present with his claws that could cut through anything short of adamantium

A guy that shoots green lightning was present which rounded out their team of 4.

And there were 2 other non-team members also present.


Smokey brought in sea water to flood the base to slow down the intruders and flood the portals.  And then took tank bot out with seconds to spare before the base blew up with a 6 kiloton blast.


Over the base blast:

Kincaid stays and follows the one drone that leaves the blast zone of the old base after 5 minutes searching. 

2 Helicopters arrive at the blast site – one is a troop carrier with the UNTIL logo on it and another one with a shield has a SHIELD logo on it.

At least there is a Chilean base left.

And the story continues next time….


Twistedsavant ChrisWalsh

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