Dark Destinies

Moira's base ideas

I think Goodman should work on a way to track our new minions and keep them from escaping, or perhaps Tiz can come up with a nano-something so we can keep control of them.  I'd love to track them 24/7 and have contingencies in place for misbehavior.

I'd like to take the Beta storage on level 3 and turn it into living quarters for myself.  This will have us spread out a little and on different levels so we can keep our minions honest.  Maybe I could get a couple of Tiz's robots to work on plumbing or whatever other environmental things I might need.

I believe Kincaid wants the chambers on level 5, others seem to want the quarters on the 4th level, and most of our minions will eventually have to live in the group quarters on level 1.

I'd like to talk to the warden and get as much information as possible out of her brain.  Maybe Smokey could try to get something out of her brain involuntarily as a starting point.  Hopefully, she'll have good contacts at the least.  I'm not sure she should remain alive afterwards, though.  If not, I'd like her to remain with me (and not fed to Goodman) until her end.

Tiz has a lot on her plate, so I'll volunteer to help her with whatever she needs to get the base secure.


Contingencies for misbehavior = Dr. Goodman will put them naked and alive on a large platter with an apple in their mouth. Then they will be dismembered and eaten while we’re all in the cafeteria. Any normal human who complains will find themselves doing the dishes. “Scrape John’s innards and bones into the disposal and make sure you get that platter clean enough that we can see our reflections in it.”

Moira's base ideas
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