Dark Destinies

Old Friends...New Business Ventures

     Tiz smiled as she hacked into her old friend Andrea’s system, the old-fashioned way, leaving her signature and an email address where she knew Andrea would find it. It was a game they used to play with each other, and a good way to test the security of your systems. It wasn't a full 2 minutes before she got a response. “Oh my god girl!! Where have you been? I saw you got out…how’d you pull that off? What are you up to these days? When are we getting together?” She literally laughed out loud at the typical Andrea styled response of 5 questions at once. Shaking her head, she keyed a response. “It’s a little warm around me these days…but we’ll get together soon and I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime, I think it’s time we make that old dream of ours come true. I’ve come up with some funds, but you’ll have to be the face, I’ve got too much other stuff going on….and like I said…it’s a little warm around me right now.” The response came quickly. “You’re fucking kidding me! You got the money to setup a shop? Where do you want to do it? When? I’m so down…get me out of this town!!” Of course, Tiz knew Andrea would be down, they’d talked about opening their own little gadget sales and repair shop in some big city far away a million times. A cover for the money they made hacking, something legit they could call their own so to speak. They’d never gotten the chance to do it of course, a German douchebag and a fast-tracked trip to jail had interfered with their little dream. Andrea was as close to a best friend as Tiz had ever had…and that was probably using the term a little loosely. Neither of them was overly people friendly, but they had clicked when they met in one of the hacker homes Tiz had stayed in and they’d kept in contact with one another, doing the odd job together even after Tiz had been kicked out of the house. Tiz’s response keyed itself as she rolled her chair over to a desk and resumed inspecting the personal shield she’d bought at auction. “Now…yesterday even…and I don’t care where. Like I said, you’re the face, I’m just backing this deal. In exchange, I just need you to receive equipment shipments for me, order parts I need for something I’m working on. Shit like that. Pick a place, find a space. Don’t lollygag…. I’ll contact you again in two days. TELL NO ONE you heard from me.” Andrea replied quickly and with no questions for once, “Got it, on it.”

     She nodded to herself as she sensed the response, not really taking her attention away from the shield. Andrea was the perfect choice for this little business venture. Unlike most hackers she’d run with back in the day, Andrea didn’t live completely off the grid.  She didn’t have to, she didn’t let her ego put her in situations where she was likely to get caught. Andrea was paranoid, she never tagged her work, she’d never been busted, and she never ran her mouth. It’s part of why they got along. Yes, this deal should work out well for them both. There were risks, there were always risks, but in this particular case they were fairly minimal. Satisfied with her decision and the progress on that front, she turned her full concentration back to the device in front her. As usual, she had a ton of work to do….



Twistedsavant Impchic

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