Dark Destinies

Starting Characters

and more

Starting off You will each have 121 character points to buy characteristics, skills, perks, talents and even martial arts if you so desire. You will also need to pick 30 pts of complications. 

Your starting characteristics will be limited by your frail mortality.

that is to say no characteristics over 20.

Ocv, dcv, omcv and dmcv not to exceed 6

No speeds past 4

PD and ED limited to 5 or less.

Recovery tops out at 10, endurance and stun at 30 and body at 20

Particularly athletic prisoners may add up to 4 pts to running swimming and or leaping.

Skills limit out at 15 – if you want more than one or 18 if you choose that to be your  greatest ability and keep the rest 12 or less. 

Perks not available are:

Anonymity, Deep cover (without a REALLLLY good explanation to me), Money, Positive reputation, resource points, and vehicles and bases.

Talents disallowed: Danger sense and universal translator.

martial Arts maneuvers listed under hand to hand and ranged are allowed  straight damage classes, email text me and well talk about it. 

Complications: There are many examples of complications but if you need help i will be happy help you find something that matches your character concept. 






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