Dark Destinies

The Case of the Shredded Navajo

Why demi-gods should be avoided...

After breaking into the Navajo reservation police station, Goodman retrieved evidence to find out who was killing his chosen people and kill them, or it, or whatever "it" was. Each victim was torn to shreds, leaving mangled corpses. Goodman reviewed the investigation, but he could not help to see the image of his wife and daughter, their faces superimposed on the corpses.

I must stop this thing, Goodman thinks to himself. Whatever the cost, I can pay it. What is the worst that could happen? I die before my atonement for my failure with my own family? These people deserve the chance to grow,… evolve. They are on their way, but there is much left to do.

Through the night and into the sunrise of morning, Goodman flew above the town, looking for anything amiss. During the night a very large explosion occurs to the south. Clearly the self destruct of the base was the cause. I am sure they are fine, Goodman thinks. As the morning moves on, the Federal Bureau of Emergency Management (FEMA) arrives to provide aid to the Navajo people given the explosion.

They can stay, Goodman thinks. It may be inept human help, but their intentions likely are good. FEMA is just caught up in the bureaucracy.

Then, out of the corner of Goodman's eye, he sees his quarry. Some creature hidden from sight slips down into the building.Goodman pursues, stealthily approaching the thing. As he enters the building, he can see the bodies of several FEMA personnel and a large, praying mantis type of creature eating the corpses. Goodman grabs the thing by his leg and hurls him through the building's walls. The Thing transforms in flight into a huge bear-like creature, complete with claws and an unhinged jaw revealing rows of dagger-like teeth.

"Yeah, I got a set of teeth jut like it," Goodman states, unimpressed. The Thing roars, almost squeals, in delight. The volume of the roar shakes the ground and the foundation of the buildings nearby. I may be outclassed, Goodman thinks. I still must stand my ground.

Goodman floats between the Thing and the people outside, distracting It with dialogue. "Monsters of this new world will not prey upon the chosen Navajo people.

"Ah, the little pretender spirit reveals himself," the Thing says with condescension.

"Pretending to defend the Navajo people?" Goodman asks rhetorically. "No pretense creature. Do you have a name?" Goodman flies up in the hopes of drawing the monster away from the people.

"They tremble in fear when they hear my name: Naagloshii!"

"A Skinwalker," Goodman says flatly. These beings are like demi-gods. Demons from another realm or dimension, Goodman thinks. Definitely outclassed at the moment. Goodman looks at the FEMA personnel, "You must call for help from super heroes. Do not tarry."

Goodman turns to face Naagloshii, "Your name is not to be spoken among the Navajo. You may find your feast hard to swallow."

"You think changing these people to resist me or calling for help will make any difference? I will feast on your insides before anyone comes to your aid!" Naagloshii charges through the air at Goodman perched on a rooftop. Goodman attempts to dodge, but fails to do so. Once grabbed, Naagloshi hurls Goodman at, and through, a water tower. He feels the pain of the impact.

Naagloshi howls with delight as Goodman repositions himself to defend the people now huddled in the few, small residences of the town. Naagloshi crosses his arms as a bolt of red and black lightning smashes into Goodman who was unable to get out of the way, I cannot keep this up much longer, but if he focuses on me, then he is not focused on my People below.

"Creature, heroes often face impossible odds, and yet they carry the day because of conviction!"

A strange portal opens in the sky above Naagloshi and passing through it is the brutish, heavily built man called Castle. Castle's partner, Redline speeds across the ground moving fast enough to be almost unnoticed. Castle drives Naagloshii into the earth below. Naagloshi changes forms again into a huge, monstrous snake that coils around Castle's heavily built frame. Seeing an opportunity, Goodman flies high the dives straight down, using his tail as a lance to drive into Naagloshii's snake head. Redline grabs Naagloshii and leaves, taking the beast to a place with less potential for collateral damage. With Castle and Redline fighting Naagloshii, Goodman is left to help the remaining people. 

"Move," Goodman commands the people trying to tend to the critically wounded. "I am far better skilled than you to assist here." Like the true doctor he is, Goodman repairs the damage and stabilizes the two people, a Navajo and one of the FEMA agents. However, with government helicopters flying in, Goodman receives his cue to leave.

"Good bye," Goodman says robotically, devoid of any warmth or caring. "Smokey, one to beam up." And in a flash, Goodman disappears.


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