Dark Destinies

Warming pet request

Smokey, while surfing the internet looking for something interesting, come across the exact picture of what he would like the base pets to look like.  Being uber excited, he rushes to Dr Goodman's lab to show him the picture of what he thinks would be the best base pet using the jaguar cubs.  Along with them being obedient to Shadow Goddess and myself along with others on the team minus minions and mooks while having some 'special abilities' would be a must have bonus…  And he shows Dr Goodman the picture on the laptop and says looking lovingly at the screen while scratching it 'nice kitty , friendly kitty , little ball of death… do you want to play?' :   


“Well,” Goodman answers, “this would be a most excellent exercise in development of organic armoring, in addition to the easier strength and speed upgrade. The real trick would be providing a way to have them specifically obedient. I will need to upgrade my laboratory for the armor research, but a worthy upgrade indeed.”

“I have other irons in the fire, as it were, but I will see if I can prioritize this some. In the spirit of goodwill and teamwork, of course.”

Warming pet request
Twistedsavant ChrisWalsh

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