Dr. Mark Goodson/Goodman

Brilliant scientist just trying to help mankind


A hideous creature indeed, Goodman nonetheless sees himself as a beautiful representation of what nature could be if others would simply embrace it. Starting at the bottom…

  • Feet and both legs are reminiscent of a lizard’s talon-like limbs, allowing Goodman to cling to surfaces more easily. The scales are a dark green, turning to a pale greenish white on the inside of those legs.
  • Four arms, two to each side of the torso, are carapaced like an insect, complete with slight, pointed ridges along the back of those arms. The hands are also carapaced, but are the more common human-like otherwise (4 fingers and a thumb). The inside of the fingers and palm are more pliable, allowing Goodman to hold things easily.
  • The torso looks a bit like an armadillo: hunched and segmented to provide flexibility. The coloration is likewise a taupe/grayish-brown. The shoulders also have that segmented look like an armadillo’s back, under which the insect like arms hang.
  • The tail is prehensile, thin, and whip-like. It is comprised of many, thin, armored segments. It is a dark red that is almost black. It is used often as an extra limb to grasp or hold onto objects.
  • Goodman’s head is hooded like a cobra’s, but is very heavily built, showing substantial bone growth underneath the snake like scales. On the back, there is a pattern in the scale color. While the surrounding scales are a deep green, there is a bright yellow scale pattern which is a pair of mirrored Fibonacci spirals.
  • Goodman’s face is somewhat human-like in appearance, having a light tan skin tone. His mouth, however, can open much further than normal (like a snake unhinging his jaws), giving his shouts an almost demonic quality, only enhanced by rows of pointed, alligator-like teeth in three separate rows like a shark. The canine teeth are larger and longer than the other teeth.

Jailed for unethical, biological testing done to his graduate students which resulted in the death of two of them, Dr. Goodson was considered a minimum security risk among murderers. His slight build of 5’ 10" and 150 pounds, devoid of any true physical conditioning, made him much more susceptible to mistreatment by prisoners and guards alike. Complicating matters, his strange and often annoying behavioral quirks put him at odds with others.

He had a plan, however, on how to escape and continue his “work for all mankind”. All he had to do was to be a good little prisoner and get work in the kitchen. That, coupled with a masterfully faked illness requiring visits to the infirmary (after all, who better than doctor to know what symptoms to fake consistently to lead to a necessary diagnosis for treatment…) would give him the access he needed. Then some discrete biological work in his single prisoner cell, he could give himself the strength needed to eventually escape…

Goodson/Goodman sees himself as a savoir of mankind who is underappreciated for his effort to further the evolution of the species. He wants nothing more than to “help” mankind, willing or not, to what he sees as the perfect biological species. And as the smartest of them all, naturally he thinks they should follow him.

In a contradiction, Goodson/Goodman sees the young of a species, especially human children, as “out of bounds” for his effort. He believes that the young should be allowed to reach maturity first, as they may manifest useful or forward moving traits for their respective species. Of course, after they reach maturity, anything they could have introduced as helpful should have already happened, therefore helping the adult to reach the next stage is perfectly “in bounds” for unwelcome “improvements” and elimination if not of “value” for further biological design (or if presenting an impediment to Goodson’s/Goodman’s efforts).

Goodson/Goodman would have respect for super heroes, as they represent improvements on the norm. Of course, even they should accept Goodson’s/Goodman’s efforts. After all, super heroes, while better, could stand improvement. And super heroes protecting people from being better by disallowing Goodson’s/Goodman’s effort to improve mankind is just flatly “illogical”.

And, he’s as crazy as a bag of cats.

Dr. Mark Goodson/Goodman

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