Mckayla Davis Crafter


Slim Athletic Build
Blue Eyes
Brown Hair Down to Just Past Her Shoulders
Age 22


Mckaylas family were well traveled and worked for just about anyone who would pay them.
They did whatever was asked of them by their current employer occasionally doing side work on their own. When they felt they were getting noticed by local law enforcement, they moved on to the next city or even country. They travelled all over the US, parts of Central America and Canada. They worked freely with any criminal organization who used them as couriers, smuggler, lookouts, petty thieves, pick pockets, distractions, get away drivers and rarely, as assasins. Her family made deals to get trained in multiple types of transportation and learned everything they could about anyplace they might need to go. They also learned the language of the various people they dealt with, though they didn’t always let them know it.

She is still not sure what it was, but something they transported into Canada was important enough that multiple groups came looking for it, violently. The family was chased back to the US. The group that found them first were vicious, they tortured everyone to find out where “IT” was, who did we give “IT” to, and when. The only one who knew was her father and he disappeared the first day of being chased. Mckayla was able to get away just barely. She is still not sure if any of her family is still alive, they had contingencies in place, places to hide and start over. It was to one of these that she was heading when she was captured, but not before she killed 2 FBI agents by running them off the road. She has been sentenced to 40 years with no potential for parole.
After spending a few days in prison she will do what she can to make herself useful to the most favorable of the gangs, she is going to be here a while and knows she will need friends. The guards seem to enjoy making her life hell, although not FBI agents they are tough on her for killing fellow member of law enforcement. When its time for outside yard time she is either not told or she is the last one out and one of the first ones back in so she has little time to no time in the sun, same for mealtime, last one in, first one sent back to her cell. They keep finding minor infractions which they use to punish her with less privileges or time in solitary.

Mckayla Davis Crafter

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