Moira O'Shea

Hot-headed PI


Turned Shadow Goddesss….


My parents kick off when I was a teen. I have a brother and a sister, we are all barely a year apart in age. My younger brother, Donovan O’Shea, is a drug addict living 500 miles away. I stay the hell away from him, he’s a mess and will steal from me as soon as look at me. My older bitch sister, Anya Donelson O’Shea is the Personal Assistant to COGIC VP Steven Jeffrey Werner. She has her head so far up his arse and hates me and my lifestyle with a passion. Fokkin’ goody-goody, all embarrassed because of my arrest. Whatever. I worked as a private investigator, got pissed off at a client and shot him in the leg. Dude was a right pain in the arse and he pissed me off. I didn’t kill him, so <shrug>. ADA Loren Hendricks hated me since I made public some evidence against a couple high-powered friends of hers, so she charged me with attempted homicide. Most people don’t like me, and I like them even less. I was convicted quickly and sentenced to 15 years in county.

Unfortunately, the snitch I shot in the leg has a connected girlfriend. Her sister runs with the fokkin’ jailhouse Nazis and they won’t leave me the hell alone. So far, my time has been spent either picking fights to avoid a shank or getting my arse kicked. Both of which have been keepin’ me in Solitary. Fine by me, people suck and being on my own suits me just fine. Pacing my 4-by making plans keeps me busy.

Moira O'Shea

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