Rex Blank

Tall , lanky, blue eyes, black unkept hair - everyday worker type


Growing up in a rough part of town with only my father (mom left a few years ago as she could not handle it anymore and ran away from us) who worked at the warehouses at the docks, left me time to spend at the docks meeting the more interesting side of life. When I was 12, I started doing courier work for a local “business” man named Lanky Smalls. Dad was not approving of this but between dad’s drinking and gambling habit (fights and horse races), we needed food on the table to survive so I did what was needed for us to get by. By 16, I was employed after school for a friendly gentleman named Luca. He owned a restaurant where I would always meet him for my daily jobs of which he paid me cash every day I worked. This involved going with some of the guys to ‘do rounds’ as Luca said to collect ‘rent’ money. In actuality it was protection money although Luca did own several buildings so rent was a possibility in a small set of times. Again, not my place to judge as I was earning a wage helping out where I could. This also included assisting in helping Luca ‘acquire’ stolen or new things. Some times he let me doing it on my own (ie simple break-ins when no one was home and steal stuff), other times I was with a few of the boys. This was more like safe cracking type stuff and stealing stuff from computers of people. Again, not my place to judge but it paid the bills. When I was 17, dad worked himself to death , like quite literally. He died on the job at the warehouse while loading a ship. They said it was an accident as there was an ‘equipment’ malfunction and dad was in the wrong place when it happened. The warehouse owner gave me $1,000 and all his belongings which they took prior to the ambulance and police showing up. I also found that Dad had a stash of cash in the apartment that I did not know about. I used this to pay the rent and his bills while trying finish school. I found out how much he really owed to the bookies when he died. Needless to say, I had to pay it off over time like weekly installments. After completing school, college was not in my future as school was boring, I got good grades but school was just not for me. I met Mr. Wack through my workings with Luca. Although Luca had dealings with Mr. Wack, he was rather aggressive with him during the few times I was there when they met at Mama Mia (Luca’s resturant). Eventually, I moved to a nicer apartment away from Luca’s sphere of influence. And kept in touch with Mr Wack. Of which I met more interesting people working for him and a greater variety of work earning ever more money.

After several interesting and profitable ventures with Mr Wack, including one where he proposed working with 2 other of his long time helpers in a larger job. By this time, I worked best alone but figured the pay was more than I had ever made before so what the heck. Mr Wack also put me in charge of the operation with Moe and Mark (yes they were actually twin brothers who fought constantly) under me. We were almost done with the acquisition of the information when Frick and Frack did not follow my simple rule to be quiet and follow me out. They tripped a silent alarm that I knew about all along but they went on their head strong path of knowing better than listening to the teenager which was mentioned often directly to me of which I held back from just letting them have it. Needless to say, by the time we got almost a block away, the cops and the on site security of the warehouse, had us cornered. Frick and Frack quickly like immediately surrendered. Then they shot me with a tazer because I was not will to surrender.

At the trial with being charged with federal crimes of industrial espionage for a foreign entity (I had no clue that the contact was a mobster being watched by the FBI as this was a Mr Wack contact for when the job was completed), destruction of millions of research (this was Frick and Frack’s doing after tripping the alarm with them starting the fire in the warehouse to “distract” the guards and had NOTHING what-so-ever to do with me nor them not listening to my instructions about the silent alarm with the follow me instructions) and theft of over 5 million dollars to a caymen islands bank account that could not be recovered (okay , I happen to crack the password on the computer in the office where we were getting the files so I unlock the computer and did a wire transfer to an account that Mr Wack setup for me since they had their banking app on the computer with bank login and password were the same as the login and password to the computer so it was really simple and emptied their bank account). The trial lasted all of 4 hours with a guilty conviction for 30 years in prison while Frick and Frack got 10 year sentences each because they rolled over under the first interrogation by the FBI. And implicated me as the leader of the job. Idiots… Luckily they had smarts to not mention anything about Mr Wack or he would have them wacked permanently… In prison, I TRIED to keep as far away from Frick and Frack as I could but they kept hanging around me like leeches. I got tired of it and tried to force feed Moe (aka Frick) my lunch with my fist, the food tray and my spork. That got me 6 weeks of vacation peace in solitary confinement. After being released back into general, again they were like lost puppy dogs. Now mind you , they had the mental capacity of a slug and about that much speed of wit and processing. So again, I warned them and well, round 2 of feeding them but this time it was to Mark (aka Frack) because I am fair and needed to share their annoyance to me with both of them… And then I ended up in vacation time again but this time for 8 weeks and I asked if I could me moved to another block away from Frick and Frack after being released.. The warden said she would consider it but don’t count on it but count on additional time being added to my stay for my violating the prison rules… (and enjoying the peace and silence while I can)…..

Rex Blank

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