Target: Terawatt

Villainess, Undisputed Mistress of Electricity




Last Known Location: Boston, Massachusetts.
Real Name: Unknown

Appearance: Five foot four inches tall One hundred and ten pounds. Blonde pixie cut hair, blue eyes. Blue and red Bikini Style outfit.
Affiliations: None Known previously. Solo Villainess
Powers/Tactics: Most powerful electrokinetic ever encountered. Displays lesser cyberkinetic abilities. Capable of devastatingly powerful lightning bolts, ball lightning and chains of lightning. Also capable of forming a “lightning Blade”. Continuously crackles with lightning across her form and capable of generating a lightning field around herself at will. Movement appears to be flight along lines of electrical conductivity or through lines across long distances.

Criminal Record: Assault & Battery, Destruction of property, Endangerment, Grand larceny, Burglary, Vandalism, Robbery, Involuntary manslaughter.  Apparent affinity for valuable paintings and other works of art.
Notes: Subject appears able to control electricity to an unnatural degree, to the point of overriding the laws of nature to some degree. Attacks appear to have no diminished effects when used against ungrounded or even insulated targets. Fond of generating localized lightning fields to disable opponents at close range. Appears to be constantly charged and dangerous to the touch.

Addendum: Traveled to Angel Falls recently where she assaulted Walkyria and Soviet Super Woman, seemingly with the intent to interrogate them regarding Firebrands Death.

Target: Terawatt

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