Tizianna Black


5’4" athletic build. Blue/Black hair and hazel eyes. Intricate patterns of what appear to be tattoos glitter a silvery glow from the neck down.



A compact 5’4” of cuteness. Right up until you realize she’s bat shit crazy and prone to extremely violent outbursts. She’d driven more than one Anger Management therapist to a new line of work. She wasn’t always this way. Tizianna was your typical sweet child, right up until her parents died in a car crash and she ended up in the system at the tender age of eight. She bounced from foster home to foster home for a couple of years before ending up with what seemed like a nice German couple….to the outside world. German, they were…nice they were not. They took on fosters to pad their bank account, and feed their sadistic tendencies. For six years, she was either a punching bag, or on the rare occasions she wasn’t covered in bruises, she was a sex toy for her family’s visiting relatives. She HATED them. And rightly so. School was her safe place, and she excelled in her academics, particularly computer science and mathematics. At 12 she was writing code that surpassed her teacher’s level of knowledge. They couldn’t keep up, and she got bored. You know what happens when a kid gets bored? They start looking for fun, a challenge, entertainment. She found it, online, with like-minded kids, hackers. It wasn’t just fun, it was an escape from her reality. It wasn’t quite enough to drown out the pain though, and the anger started to bubble over around 14 or so. Fighting in school got her expelled a few times and subsequently sent to Anger Management classes. She tried to learn from it, they said find an outlet. She joined the track team, she was fast, dodging punches and trying to run from groping hands would do that for you, make you fast. It helped some, but you couldn’t always run, and the anger was always there, looking for a target.

At 16, two life changing things happened. She figured out she could make money hacking, you just needed an in with the right crowd on the net, and she was permanently expelled from the school system for beating the dog shit out of a German exchange student, Martina, cunt. I mean, the bitch lived, what’s the big deal, right? The problem with this particular scenario, is it meant she had no escape from the HELL that was home. Or did it? She made 3 grand off her first paid hack, packed her laptop and a few changes of clothes, climbed out of her bedroom window, and never looked back.

The streets were rough, but she wasn’t on them long. Hacker groups were always looking for new blood, especially the kind with her talents, and they didn’t mind putting a roof over an under-aged head if you pulled in your share. She did, and then some. It was a good gig, but she could rarely stay in one place for more than a few months. She’d run 10-20 miles a day, come home happy and skipping like a 6-year-old, but the anger always got the best of her eventually, and she’d end up getting kicked out for losing her shit on someone. She got her own place at 18 and for the most part stayed out of trouble. She hacked, she ran, she avoided people. There was that one altercation in the grocery store, but someone needed to slap the stupid out of that cashier, it might as well be her.

She was 21 when she met Will online, a fellow hacker. They fell for each other, you know the drill, love on the net, all sappy and sweet, and fucking FAKE. She was already head over heels when she found out he was German. She cried for a week, and then managed to find it in her heart to overlook it. They were in LOVE…and they had BIG plans. Will had a contact that wanted some information out of the CIA database, and was willing to pay a shit-ton of money to get it. Tizianna was sure she could hack that shit. Government systems were tight, but she hadn’t met a system she couldn’t get into and this would be no different. They did it together, got in, got what they were looking for, and got out before anyone knew they were there. Little did she know, Will, like most hackers, liked to leave a little trademark behind, and he did. A middle finger to the system, a hey bitch I was here. They’d agreed NOT to leave any traces they were in the system, it was the fucking government for crying out loud.

The United States government is not stupid, at least not all of it, you leave your trademark behind, and they will find you. It took them all of 3 hours to find Will. It took Will all of 3 seconds to pin the whole plan on Tizianna. The feds were at her door within 5 hours. The moment she realized Will had turned on her, she lost her mind. She was lucky they didn’t kill her right then and there. Attacking a federal officer isn’t wise. Court was a freaking circus, they didn’t have any solid evidence she was involved, just Will’s word. It was HIS mark on the system after all, not hers. His presence in the courtroom triggered the anger animal however, and well, a jury’s judgement probably gets a little biased when you physically attack someone in front of them. Breaking his nose probably wasn’t worth the prison time she got as a result. If she ever saw him again, she’d kill him and make it worth it.

Prison. This shit was no joke. No place to run, no computer access, and the fucking Das Putas. She’d managed to keep her head down for a week or two. But despite her now blue/black hair and a myriad of intricate tattoos that covered her from the neck down, Martina (yeah, the German cunt from high school), recognized her immediately. Tizianna hadn’t recognized her, what with her mug being all jacked up and what not. Getting your face pounded into the pavement repeatedly would do that. Tiz didn’t recognize her at all, not until she came up to her in the cafeteria spouting some German curses and threatening to kill her. Needless to say, shit got real ugly real fast. Now Tiz, Martina, and a few other Das Putas were in solitary. Things were NOT looking good for Tiz, one of her, LOTS of them. Not good at all. Nope nope.

Tizianna Black

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