Dark Destinies

Psychological Evaluation, Blackstone Prison
Dr. Mark S. Goodson


Dr. Goodson presents well dressed and groomed. Weight is appropriate to height. His affect is blunted to flat. He demonstrates an orientation to place and time. Dr. Goodson reports no issues with sleep and appetite. Dr. Goodson sometimes speaks of himself in the third person and sometimes references himself as "Goodman". He appears unaware of this tendency, even when highlighted during the interview. Additionally, he swayed slightly throughout the interview and compulsively corrected perceived inaccuracies during the conversation, becoming visibly agitated.


Asperger's Syndrome, Dissociative Identity Disorder (rule out), Major Depressive Disorder (single episode)

Family History

Helen Goodson (wife, deceased) and Essence Goodson (daughter, deceased). No other family noted. Dr. Goodson was raised within the foster care systems with repeated psychiatric hospitalizations. It is presumed that his biological parents abandoned him at age 3 because of his disability.

Initially Helen and later Essence contributed significantly to Dr. Goodson's psychological stability. Helen and Dr. Goodson met during high school and by any account appeared to genuinely loved him, in spite of his challenges. It is unlikely that Dr. Goodson would have completed higher education, succeeded academically, and kept employment without her. She acted as both interpreter and educator for him, teaching him to improve his social skills to an acceptable level. Her advocacy ensured opportunities presented themselves to him, allowing for the remarkable growth he experienced. The timing of their relationship was key, and growth would have been unlikely had their relationship began several years later than it did.


In spite of difficulties from disability and inconsistent living arrangements through childhood, Dr. Goodson excelled at academics. However, Dr. Goodson's compulsivity to accurately define facts with a level of detail that exceeded the capabilities of educators repeatedly posed challenges.

Dr. Goodson achieved a medical degree, as well as degrees in several fields of study, centering on biological, zoological, and bioengineering fields of study.


Dr. Goodson taught various biological and medical classes at John Hopkins University until the incident where 36 of his students died because of illegal experimentation.

Clinical Observations

Dr. Goodson is extremely intelligent and quite verbally expressive. Interviewer notes a compulsivity in correction of factual information interfered throughout the interview, even over trivial or metaphoric statements. Sometimes he would mumble a correction quietly to himself rather than speak it aloud.

Discussion of the death of his wife and daughter was met with no emotive content. Denial and intellectualization defense mechanisms noted during such conversations, giving a detached impression as if Dr. Goodson had no investment in his only two family members. Direct conversations about his life with them before their death had a different, positive affect though still blunted. He mentioned several times that they were his motivation in life and he would trade his life for them.

In discussing the conviction that resulted in his incarceration, Dr. Goodson described his actions in the third person, sometimes calling himself "Goodman" instead. While projective analysis might imply "Goodman" as a reference to him being a good man doing what was needed, this would seem contradictory to the deaths involved in his illegal, unethical gene therapy trials on his students. However, he would defend those actions as necessary and blamed the government for their failing to realize the great potential to help humanity in curing diseases and increasing defense against ever more resilient bacterial infections, like those that killed his wife and daughter. He sees his punishment as "completely unjustified", a phrase repeatedly used. He sees the government as the true culprits in Helen's and Essence's deaths. He sees Dr. Goodson as innocent of any crime, Goodman was a hero stopped from saving them, and the government the villains allowing his wife and child to die when presented with a cure.


Dr. Goodson never presented as angry or violent in any way and presently poses no risk to the general population within the correctional system. Nothing in his history shows him to be violent when interacting with others, nor is there any indication of violence at present.

Of concern is the possible split in identity, which could worsen or result in unpredictable behavior. In any event, Dr. Goodson clearly could become violent and given the degree of psychological stress he experiences, this escalation could occur unexpectedly. As such, it is recommended that Dr. Goodson be treated intensively in any correctional institution to which he would be assigned.

Lastly, Dr. Goodson does express an understanding of his crimes and the results of his actions, reaffirming prior evaluations. His compulsion to correct factual information allowed him to describe in detail the events of the crime and the subsequent trial and incarceration. While he suffers from both grief and disability, neither negates his full participation in the judicial system.

Further testing

"Are you sure about this, I mean, I'm all in for helping you out with testing your powers, but an RPG? That's like, for destroying light armored vehicles." Aaron can't believe he's considering not using the RPG

"You do not want to help me? Remember a useful Aaron is a living Aaron." Aaron thinks Goodman looks menacing. But then, Aaron thinks, Goodman always does.

"Alright boss," Aaron says with a sigh. "What's the worst that could happen?" That weird monster lives, Aaron mumbles to himself. "Goodman, go stand on the other side of the testing room."

"Don't miss, Aaron," Goodman says.

"Believe me, I'm not going to miss." Aaron has a slight smile as he pulls the trigger…

A specimen request

Goodman finds Smokey in the halls of the base.

"Um, hello Smokey. It is Smokey, right? I'm not so good with… well… people. I wonder if you would be willing to help me further my research. I need a specimen. A Komodo Dragon."

Goodman seems to sway slightly from side to side. "You can find them in Indonesia on the island aptly named Komodo. They're called Komodo Dragons. Very interesting creatures, biologically speaking. They have a pair of glands that secrete proteins that are extremely virulent, causing blood to not coagulate, hypothermia, lowered blood pressure, and paralysis. The end result is death of those bitten."

"So, will you be able to help me catch one?"

Breaking News

"Again authorities at NASA report that today's unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for Alarm."

"In other news: tragedy strikes in Angel Falls where the last night two heroines were struck down. The young heroine Firebrand and the Missing Brazilian heroine Mesmerelda were killed last evening during what appears to be an execution-style attack. 

"In an even stranger twist to this story both heroines had been either missing or presumed dead. Reports are that they sought out the heroine couple Soviet Super Woman and Walkyria. The duo were in the middle of a pitched battle with fourth Reich forces on the cusp of launching a doomsday suicide weapon that would have destroyed Angel Falls.

"The two heroines were said to have arrived mid battle and thrown their powers into the fight as well. After disabling the doomsday weapon while Walkyria and Soviet Super Woman fought off 4th Reich Power armor and assault vehicles the deceased heroines were viciously attacked by members of what the media has dubbed "The Slaughterhouse Six."

"We have footage of the attack but it is far too disturbing to show on air. Copies have been given to the authorities but we CAN show you images of the attackers.

"Shown here is the main attacker believed to be known as Shadow Goddess (cut to Shadow Goddess shooting bolts of darkness down through the hole in the roof). Authorities believe this is the super-powered form of one Moira O'Shea who escaped with five other inmates from Blackstone prison before its destruction several months ago.

"Also pictured are Tizianna Black and Rex Blank also escapees from Blackstone prison. Observation and other reports indicate Rex's powers revolve around teleportation, and Black's powers appear to be control of technology related.

"Now brace Yourselves gentle viewer what follows next is NOT for the faint of heart. (Cut to an image of Goodman splayed out  partially burned on the warehouse floor before a pair of fists crash into the camera and send it tumbling, then to a still image of the beast) Shown here is the creature authorities are calling Dr. Mark Goodman.  Infamous for trying his "genetic Improvement treatments" on his own students the one professor has seemingly been taking his own medicine and transformed himself into the nightmare known as "Chimera".

"Investigation into this attack is underway by several government agencies and the Guardians who are reaching out to other groups across the country to put everyone on high alert. If you see these  criminals please do not approach. call this number immediately and get to safety as soon as possible. 

"And now Amber DeHearth with Sports!"

Warming pet request

Smokey, while surfing the internet looking for something interesting, come across the exact picture of what he would like the base pets to look like.  Being uber excited, he rushes to Dr Goodman's lab to show him the picture of what he thinks would be the best base pet using the jaguar cubs.  Along with them being obedient to Shadow Goddess and myself along with others on the team minus minions and mooks while having some 'special abilities' would be a must have bonus…  And he shows Dr Goodman the picture on the laptop and says looking lovingly at the screen while scratching it 'nice kitty , friendly kitty , little ball of death… do you want to play?' :   

Stupid Humans

"It was wrong," she says to me in my mind. Always being the Conscience for us.

"No!", she yells in response with only me hearing her. "They put those kids in peril! Not us!" Responsibility often dominates the dialog.

"It was us," the calm, soothing voice says, barely audible in my head, but growing in volume. "Accept it. We should be asking what we do about it." Reason… she always takes Responsibility's side in our frequent arguments.

"Kill them all," an angry voice answers. "They are beneath us. Barely worth mentioning!" Vengeance. He is nothing if not predictable. 

"Our responsibility is to change them. Help them evolve. Be better." Responsibility pauses for a moment and the others remain quiet. "That does not include saving each and every one of them. Our responsibility is greater than any one of them-"

Reason quietly interrupts Responsibility, "Except for children. We have argued this point before and we consider this an inviolate rule."

Responsibility scoffs, "Yes, not children. But the adults should know better."

"And they never do," Vengeance agrees barely audible as if to himself.

"Of course not," as Benevolence enters the conversation. "How could they? As weak and dull as their species is. But killing the ignorant, no matter their crimes, should not be the focus here." Her voice is not heard often, but always seems to echo over and over again.

A chorus of voices say, "yes" and agree.

"We did not save all the children, we realize this, yes?" Reason reminds.

"And it was the fault of those adults either inept and unable to save their young or the violence of those adults who care little of the lives of their species." Responsibility pauses, not wishing to pontificate.

"But, they must pay for their crimes," Justice says jumping in. He always stood inflexibly, as was his nature.

"Exactly!" Vengeance shouts. "Have we forgotten that our own wife and daughter died because of their collective incompetence? Have we forgotten that we were imprisoned because we valued their lives over the bureaucratic nonsense of their societal rules? We could have saved both if not for THEM!"

"Their shackling of us leading to the death of Helen and Essence is not justification for indiscriminate murder-" Conscious says until she is interrupted, as is often the case in such inevitable arguments.

"The hell it isn't!" Vengeance booms.

"But," interrupts Benevolence, "what is there to be gained by killing them?"

"Agreed", says Responsibility.

"Logically," Reason adds, "our primary goal is to help them evolve into a much better type of being. Of course, casualties are inevitable and their ignorance will put us at odds with the very race we seek to help."

"Yes, excellent point," Justice says. "To be just, we must kill only when they interfere with our efforts to improve them."

A new voice snickers. "Where's the fun in THAT?" Malevolence says, his voice having a needling quality, always uncomfortable to many of the voices, but so comforting to Vengeance, the loudest of the group.

Vengeance laughs, "Count on the others to suck the joy out of everything!"

"That's counterproductive," Responsibility says flatly, her voice always admonishing.

"FINE", Vengeance relents. "We will follow the plan. For now."

"Hopefully not for too long," Malevolence teases. "but I think we can all agree to one thing…"

In the medical bay, Goodman paces back and forth, mumbling incomprehensibly under his breath, his arms gesticulating. Only one phrase is heard clearly when he stops: "Stupid humans."

Kincaid gets some new duds...
Ok, so costumes aren't ENTIRELY lame.

Impossible Mission
Another View

The sounds of the Impossible Mission ringtone woke her immediately. She rolled over quick as a cat; snatching up the cellphone and snapping it open. "Report!"

"We have another sighting Ma'am. Angel Falls again, this time using three unknown super-powered agents. Rampaged through the city before tearing open the city's Meta-human Event Secure Storage site and stealing some debris. Analysts believe it might have contained meta-human blood samples."

"How does that tie in to Twisted Savant? Where's the link to the three unknowns?"

She stood and quickly stretched. Bending for a moment to make sure she was limber  she then pulled on a robe. Strolling into her study, she watched as the lights brightened and a wide thin sliver of a display lowered from the ceiling.

"I was coming to that Ma'am, one of the supers at the end opened a portal to what appears to be a high tech room of some sort. Savant was not only seen in the room he actively engaged in conversation with the independent news service reporter who was attempting to film the whole thing."

"Show me."

The city camera feeds first show the swath of destruction leading up to the AFPD MESS. Then it cut to the IDS feed showing the African American reporter with the unlikely name of Ingrid O'Conner and her harebrained pursuit of the three villains and her 15 minutes of fame. She shuddered, a cold sweat breaking out as she saw Savant appear. Then she swore softly as she heard the offer to the young reporter.

"Dammit! I'd give my eyeteeth to have the chance to ask that bastard questions safely!"

"Yes Ma'am you and half the bureau." 

"Wait, what the hell roll back.." She motioned with both hands causing the images to reverse then slowly move ahead again.  "What the hell is the deal with grandma? Who is that; do we have any data yet? What the hell does he want with some 98 year old geezer?" 

"We are still looking into that Ma'am. On the other hand we do know what the container they broke into contained." 

"Well thank heavens for that. Give me the bad news"

"Container 3824:345. Contents: debris from a fight between Soviet Super Woman and Genocide."

"Are you KIDDING me???? Do you have any idea how dangerous that could be in his hands?" 

"They cannot be that dangerous Ma'am the samples were not contained in an airtight container nor does the blood appear to have been preserved in any way. The likelihood of being able to find a decent strand of useful DNA is less than 0.001 %"

"I might like those odds a lot better if they did not involve the most dangerous, unpredictable and brilliant super scientist on the planet Mr. Loclan.  If he manages something like say cloning either one of them or god forbid both we are going have some really bad days. And I have no intention of becoming one of his play toys in the new world order. So when I get there in 28 minutes you had better have some sort of answers about who these new threats are and what the heck is going on with that grandmother!"

"Yes Ma'am we are on it. "

She got dressed quickly; her mind racing as she considered what increased activity of Savant could mean for Angel Falls and the rest of the world. He was a menace to be sure but erratic and inscrutable in many ways.  He had appeared in 1996 off the west coast attacking an experimental laser cruiser then proceeded to destroy or wreck over 76 ships of various countries off the west coast before he disappeared.  Then three months later he had begun attacking land sites along the west coast.

Savant attacked military targets, government computer systems and data bases, as well as several civilian scientific think tanks and then disappeared again. His attacks were always precise, devastating, and quick. He had run into resistance of course the military and several supers had all tried to stop him. He had been thwarted a few times or at least held off but nothing anyone would consider a true loss had occurred to him for the first three years he was in operation.

Then came the heroine Obsidia. And everything changed. Since then he had been even more ferocious. His targets had expanded to include attacks and traps for heroines themselves, as if he had come to consider them a resource. Or prey.  In 2001 he surprised the world by staging a series of calculated raids  on multiple countries using advanced robots and vehicles capable of defying gravity and carrying heavy energy weapons. Russia, China, Europe, Africa, South America, North America even Australia, none were spared. In every case he formed a powerful perimeter and proceeded to use an unknown device to carve a shaft into the earth to varying depths to remove a shimmering gold mineral then departed.  None of these attacks was defeated and any heroes or military that went against him was soundly defeated or routed. Several heroines who had tried were still MIA; adding to his total of over 70 heroines he is believed to have captured and enslaved.

Since then he had not repeated anything on that scale instead keeping his activities local or small scale.  On occasion he worked with other villains and organizations. Always he seemed to be intent on capturing heroines and high tech materials and resources. 

He had attacked a private research firm and stolen over 2 liters of highly unstable and energetic alien chemical, believed to be the fuel source for a hyperdrive. It would make a horrendous weapon or gods only knew what in his hands, and now he had reappeared with three new supers as his lackeys, and taken a blood sample… and a grandmother.

She strolled into the hub and Mr. Loclan raced over with a display to show her what they had gathered so far.

" Ok all we have on the three 'Reavers' as he called them. Here are their names and some speculation on powers and power levels.  The girl is Inertia, we believe she has power over the creation, dissipation, and magnitude of motion in objects based on the camera feeds. Effectively similar to high level telekinesis for most purposes. "

"But its NOT make sure our agents KNOW that MR. Loclan it could mean all the difference."

"Yes Ma'am. The two males. Lagrange and Transit, Lagrange appears to have the ability to manipulate generate and diminish local gravity fields to the point of creating antigravity fields, miniature black holes or singularities and precisely defined localities of differential gravity. That is going to be hard to deal with. The most unknown factor is this one, Transit. Clearly he has teleportation abilities but also manifests the ability to form gateways for others to use and as seen here the ability to cause his gates to Move.  Very bad for anything caught on the edges. His range of teleport and how much or many is still unknown at the upper limit. At the least from Angel Falls to Hawaii.  He also appears to have the ability to use his powers offensively on others as displayed here where he sends this poor pedestrian thirty feet up before he dropped into the lake a few blocks away.

"That's the start of the dossier on each of them. One more thing. Each one was wearing a belt. It had a very specific helmet emblem on the front of all three. We are still trying to pin it down."

She nodded. "Good work. So what else have we got?"

He looked a tiny bit relieved and pulled up a still of the old lady. "She lives in Angel Falls so he didn't teleport that far. One Etta Von Kleiss, Widow. Born Etta lindstrom in Austria May 1926. Met and married Werner Von Kleiss April of 1943.  He was a physicist forcibly recruited by the germans and they were extracted then relocated to U.S and New Mexico in 1944 with husband by the U.S. Army. Involved in the Ghostlight Project and the Orion Project and worked there as an assistant to husband till his dismissal for off the books experiments and unconventional theories.  They worked for various engineering firms till the seventies when the husband passed away from cancer. It says she lived with various relatives till the last, her grandson, was killed this past year in the attacks of the Fourth Reich. No surviving relatives.  She seems set to live out her life with her nurse and maid due to a decent set of investments the son made. Why Savant wants her, we have no real evidence."

"Wait, what unconventional theories was the husband espousing?"

He paused and did a quick search then frowned and repeated it.  
"He had several that were rejected at the time. Lets see, something to do with subspace folds, zero point formulae and um, dimensional frame theory."

She rubs the bridge of her nose and sighs. "You know that's one of the things I think I despise MOST about Savant." 

"That he kidnaps old grandmothers?" 

"NO! That he is an apparent Super-genius in about forty different fields of study, probably a hundred years ahead of the human race, but he's not wrapped up in his own ego enough to think that other people couldn't have an intellectual leap from A to G that he didn't. IF he was a self absorbed egomaniacal prick at least then he would be a little less competent."

Trio Triumphant
Silly Reporters

{The daily listings of political misdoings world wide issues and concerns and local fluff is interrupted with a fanfare of trumpets and a banner flashing across the screen "breaking News!!!!!" The screen comes up with a young black reporter holding a microphone and bunching her shoulder against seemingly high, cool winds scheduled to blow through Angel Falls this morning. She's wearing  a short skirt and very low cut blouse this does nothing to warm her but does seem to deeply accentuate a large expanse of golden brown cleavage and her almost movie star good looks.}

"This is Ingrid O'Connell reporting to you LIVE from downtown Angel falls near 3rd and Virtue Street. Fifteen minutes ago three super powered villains began to cut a swath of destruction and terror through the city. Targeting the busiest part of rush hour traffic they have disabled, destroyed, or downright devastated the morning commute.

They have damaged key intersections, disabled every vehicle in sight. They seem to have a special malicious intent for emergency and public vehicles as well as limousines.  Independent News Service has plotted a possible convergence point and I am here in D' al'gren memorial Park just to the west of the AFPD MESS facility"

{The camera widens out off of the lovely black reporter to show several statues of the heroes who fought in the D'al'gren invasion in the 50s. Beyond the American Maiden statue the camera focuses on a large four story warehouse with a large concrete wall with a gatehouse with AFPD markings.}

"The Metahuman Event Secure Storage facility is a combination vault and warehouse. It is used to contain materials from the site of metahuman encounters and battles that are deemed possibly hazardous even after the event is over. For example irradiated chunks of pavement or the remnants of destroyed technological and other devices that might still be dangerous or toxic. Even rubble and destroyed building portions are kept here for after action examination on the chance study of it might turn up evidence to help capture super villains and criminals. "

{Behind her there are screams and then the shriek of brakes. A police cruiser minus the back half goes skidding past; spitting sparks before it crashes into the guard house door. A moment later an Amazonian woman with green hair and an outfit that resembles a red metal techno swimsuit lands fifty feet away in front of the guardhouse. A man clad in blue and gold swoops down to land beside her with a laugh. They appeared to exchange friendly banter before turning towards the camera crew, just as a third figure flashed into existence next to them garbed in teal and silver  body armor. None of their faces could be completely seen. The figure in blue and gold had on a half face helm while the other two seemed to have face covering masks over their eyes. }

"Oh dear ladies and gentlemen the culprits have landed and it looks like two men and woman are the ones responsible for the paths for destruction cast through the city this morning. They seem to have taken notice of us and the camera crew, I… I am going to see if I can get a word with them" #unseen voice probably the cameraman# "What are you crazy they just tore up ninety blocks of the city and you want to TALK to them???"
"Yes Ray you p…urely courageous hunk of man now come on!"

{The girl turns and begins striding purposefully towards the three villains and the camera man curses but begin to jog along behind her as the Green-haired lady turns and tears the guardhouse, guards and all, completely off its base and tosses it into the park fountain with a crackling black and red display of her powers.}

"They appear to be ignoring our approach ladies and gentlemen and moving deeper into the facility. The one in blue with the gauntlets is floating as is the mysterious lady in red (sotto voce "Good god how many triple-F cups do they SELL in this town anyway!?")
The male in silver and green appears to be keeping up by vanishing with each step and reappearing a couple yards farther ahead in the direction his is traveling. Perhaps teleportation or something it's hard to say in this city."

{ The camera jars and jerks for a few seconds as the reporter and camera man runs the last dozen yards or so to the entrance and turn to look into the facilities parking and loading area. They arrive just in time to see the trio fifty yards away facing a ten man squad of AFPD's Finest dressed in emergency armor and armed with a variety of weapons none of which they find any use against the trio. The moment they open fire after a couple shouted warnings, a bright field of emerald energy leaps up in front of them and a second behind them, some sort of dimensional warp causing their own fire tear into them from behind.}

"Oh my goodness folks it looks like the defense squad somehow had its own firearms turned back on it err, well turned on its backs! Please someone call for medical assistance they all seem either disabled or wounded by their own weapons! Oh wow now the criminal in blue is using his gauntlets to cause the wall to glow with golden flashes of light! I don't know whAAAOOF!"

{The camera and the reporter both jerk forward as a sudden howl of wind is heard. The exterior wall of the MESS facility disappears in the blink of an eye across a 30 foot expanse, seemingly just crushed into a tiny silver ball before dropping to the ground. The three proceed inward slowly looking around the varied racks and containment pods and areas before apparently all turning in one direction and heading inside out of sight.}

"They have breached the secure site although what they could want is a mystery, this facility is not supposed to contain anything of real value. We are following them in dear viewers to try to determine just what they are up to! And to see if this IS just a simple storage facility as the AFPD claim!"

{Again the camera view jumps and shudders as the reporter and her crew, caught up in the moment, rush to the edge of the building and turn the corner peering in. The lights are flickering partly on and partly off. There are red alarm lights going off and flashing in several places. The light on the camera comes on as they creep up to peer around the corner. As they do they see one of the pods pulled partly out and the villainess breaks open the pod, tearing the door off easily and setting it to the side before the man in blue takes a small device from his side and takes some sort of action. A bright orange cone of light shines out across the wreckage. He plays it across the contents of the storage pod as the lady uses her powers again.  She takes large chunks of pavement, building and sidewalk out of the way tossing, them behind her with crashes and the sounds of breaking containers."}

"They seem to be searching for something ladies and gentlemen, ohh, wait the hunk err the one in silver and green has opened some sort of portal a round opening in the air, into, my god it looks like some grandma's living room! He's talking to someone I can't hear it quite.. But there Lord she IS someone's grandmother she has to be at least 80 but she seems very feisty look at her waving that walker cane! Oh my god he just waved his hand and she glowed green and vanished what the hell ooh he's back now and the villains seem to have found what they are looking for!"

{The man in blue indeed seems to be visibly happy smiling and laughing as he aims the device at a "I" beam bent and twisted like putty in several places, but marked with several patches of black material that could be dried blood.  He nods ad the Villainess in red smiles and turns to the Green and silver clad villain. As the camera crew and the reporter get within fifteen yards they can hear the trio better suddenly.}

"Yes my lord we have what we came for. No the mission was carried out as ordered. We are returning with the sample now. Yes, yes there is, yes understood my lord." The red clad female appears to have a conversation with her mysterious Lord before turning to the man in blue and the one in silver and green. "Lagrange, we are returning to base. Transit, open a portal to the transmission room facing south." She turns to the camera and smiles and beckons with one finger. "Well aren't you a hot little piece of ass. C'mere girl, we won't hurt you. Someone wants a word with you."

{ The young reporter gives a shiver as the villains take a direct interest in the camera crew, or perhaps it is the low sensual sneering tone of the villainess. She straightens her suit jacket and skirt and then strides slowly closer. "Who are you? Why have you done this? Do you feel any remorse about all the damage you have caused and the hundreds injured, the thousands inconvenienced by your actions this morning?" The reporter asks. The villainess smirks and replies with amusement "No." Behind her the man in silver and green, "Transit" clearly appears the look the young black reporter over with a smirk like he is looking over a piece of meat then motions with one hand and a portal easily ten feet across  the edges marked by swirling green motes and emerald lightning dancing around the border. The scene it opens onto causes the young reporter to gasp and the cameraman can be clearly heard as he sees what lies beyond. "Oh, Fuck ME!" }

"Well done my Reavers. Inertia, Transit, Lagrange, Return to base. I will deal with the reporter and her camera man."

{The scene beyond is something out of a sci fi movie  Filled with gleaming black metal and a several dozen pieces of equipment in the fore and background apparently active. This alone would be remarkable but it is the figure clad in green and black armor that draws the girls' attention and the cameraman's startled curse. The trio step through the portal and out of sight to the left as the massive armored figure easily almost seven feet tall steps up to the edge. }

"You have displayed a great deal of courage, bravery and a distinct lack of common sense my dear but despite all that I find myself mildly impressed.  Perhaps you will do. Cease recording. What follows is for you alone."

{The cameraman turns the camera off and puts it down carefully all too familiar with Savants' reputation. He is rewarded with a nod as Savant turns to the girl and takes a small cylinder from his belt. He tosses it to her and speaks again.}

"You have twenty four hours to think. Then use that to seek your audience with me. If you have not done so in 25 hours it will self-destruct. Along with everything in a 30 block radius. Do not attempt to scan or interfere with it. You may pass it to the guardians if you wish. It might be amusing to see poly girl or bardak try to get somewhere with it. But the results for you would be less than ideal. So. Twenty four hours to decide questions, or give it away."

Without warning the portal closes leaving the cameraman and the young reporter stunned in the middle of the AFPD MESS with every alarm in the building going off.


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