Dark Destinies

Dr. Goodson, Detective

Whoever or whatever plaguing the nearby Navajo poses a threat to my long term goals. Something needs to die, and when I find it, I will kill it. Obviously, the tribal police, such as they are, requires some serious assistance. I needed two thing this night: a Navajo criminal and access to the tribal police's records of the recent attacks. Neither should pose much of a challenge and conveniently both can be found in the same place.

Sneaking around in the dark with only the moonlight could be more of a challenge. With an ability to be invisible, well, it would be quite difficult to find me short of some intensive searching for me in the vast desert wilderness and the tiny villages within it. Oddly, the federal government has not sent any of its agents here to investigate the deaths of the recent plague which claimed so many martyrs on the path of greatness. Well, if they are not here yet, then they will likely be soon. The government always meddles…

The attacks on the Navajo, however, could be attributed to recent genetic manipulation. Why? Three things:

  1. The overdose experiment involving one of the Mexican inmates.
  2. The death percentage among the Navajo.
  3. The work with Morty.

Given the normal distribution of results, there remains a possibility that one of the Navajo experienced an unexpected mutation. While other possibilities to account for the attacks exists, I cannot deny the timing and the resulting, ah, creature… like Morty, exhibiting violence and disregard for improved life.

In any case, the first step is to learn what I can from the police. Time to break into the tribe's police station…

Gaming Session Notes

And the mission continues.

Dr Goodman requires Chile base for new improved drug work to be called AMP.  Smokey takes TIz and Dr. Goodman to the Chile base.

Shadow Goddess will bring mooks (Juan and Paco).


Athena has taken over the Chilean base computer and is the interface.


Dr Goodman explains to Paco through Juan he will test the new version and he has no choice.  Paco is apprehensive.


After 1 minute taking AMP, Paco is very happy and high with inhibitions severely impaired and his self preservation is diminished.


Paco is in cage with Jerry and Padro is now in Chile for additional testing.  Punched Dr Goodman in a fit of rage before taking AMP.  Took AMP and it only took 30 seconds to take effect.


Padro is now in cell with Paco and Jerry for monitoring…. To be continued…..  The drug's effects last about 8 hours in this current form.


Per Dr. Goodman, it is time to move to free samples of AMP for wider testing and test subjects.


Athena stated the Twisted Savant clone in Chile has not changed in 8 years.  His armor is the Bastard version 43 .  Athena latest version on record for the armor is mark 57.  Shadowgoddess asked about the armor to which Athena said insufficient access and Omega level access required.  Warp Star, Lady Savant  and Twisted Savant are the only Omega level operatives with info on the armor capabilities.


Kincaid and Shadowgoddess -  check out the armory:


Large battle droid inactive -  8 foot guns on each of 2 arms with bore holds for like attachments (Note: avoid being in front of the guns) -  it has a total of 6 arms  

2 smaller droids also inactive

Trooper equipment – 15 sets of suits of armor and guns

trumpet size case with energy cells – 50 of them (1 suit of armor for 50 hours , 1.5% blasters for 1000 shots of 12D6 dmg, alter dmg to Tiz's guns augmented for like 75 points).  Full charge explosion -  1000 yards radius with a dmg of 1 kiloton – 20D6 killing dmg .


3 larger versions of the rifles on tri-pods.


All will be transported to the "new' moon base armory unless noted (Kincaid mentioned about power cells).


Kincaid pardoned by the president. 


As a low brow celebration event sponsored by Kincaid, the rave at the club will have Tiz setup security cameras to monitor things, Smokey will remove any unfortunate party goers who depart or overdose and Shadowgoddess will pass out 'party favors' to the select guest list clients. Kincaid is monitoring and making appearances.   The party runs for the length of 6 hours and the part runs out of food and people are leaving to go get food.


Per Dr. Goodman, overdose on the drug, person died and then came back berserker type.  Important safety tip, don't overdose on AMP!!  


Gaming Session notes

A.T.H.E.N.A - 

Advanced. Trans dimensional. Hyper-heuristic. Experimental. Neural Artifact.


IOTA build and turned on A.T.H.E.N.A.  – note now IOTA reports to ATHENA.


ATHENA is trying to build a trans dimensional scanner to find Twisted Savant in the alternate dimension where earth is destroyed.



Went to Nuuk, Greenland to have a private chat away from the base, ATHENA and IOTA.  We decided to continue to go along with this while keeping the new secret moon base under wraps and moving things there. 


Went back to Miami to warm up and continue the discussion of plans.


New moon base in south pole region on moon unknown to IOTA and ATHENA.  Fury spent time  to setup the new base and make it sealed.  Smokey populated it with air and then we will take the recycling equip from the other moon base being used as a staging base.


Plan is to move to stuff to the staging base like we are preparing to occupy it.  Then Smokey will move stuff to our new base once the new base is ready in the south pole on the moon.


Moved all items at the bottom of the base and moved all identified items we are taking.  The lab for Goodman will be the last thing as we need the new secret base to be recycling air and water to be functional for his lab.


Tiz had the current Nevada base fabricate the parts for another fabricator for the moon base.  Took about 1 hour.


Tiz created construction bots to assist with building the new secret base infrastructure and to keep it running.

Once Goodman has stuff packed up and ready, we will transport his experiments to the new base directly.


Chile base for Goodman, may only need to be samples and schematics not the equipment itself.  Tiz can purge IOTA and ATHENA if they are found to be in any equipment we take.


Tiz is going to take the schematics for the plane.  And  we might contact the Russians who have an almost identical plane for assistance with things to get our own plane created and running.


Last thing to be moved are the mooks.  To staging moon base and then to real moon base.


Moon base todo items:

  1. Have fury create a separate chamber for a landing bay that can be sealed from space – method of entry TBD and how to keep atmosphere in and vacuum out (force field with doors that open/close maybe to a launch path to the surface) maybe Tiz construction bots and Tiz can whip up some tech magic (yeah I know more to Tiz's to do list)
  2. Will need additional supplies for maintaining on the base:

    1. food and water
    2. materials for additional fabrication (internal wall lining like Nevada base, build internal infrastructure for base, etc.)



Mexican Prison – best of the best test and 10 winners (well 11 if you include Juan the American with very bad luck and family that screwed him over to the Mexican police for drug trafficking)

Juan – Spanish translator (Smokey told him we needed a translator and to be considered as part of the staff pending his probation period – of which Smokey intentionally he did not tell him that he is on permanent probation along with being expendable)

3 prison guards

6 Mexican prisoners

1 Japanese prisoners like villain from Juan Claude Vandame movie


The prison test involved Goodman talking via a translator inside the prison yard about the top ten will be freed from the prison.  Goodman killed the Arnold Schwarzinator type guy by ripping out his heart and eating it.  Kincaid invisibly accompanied Goodman who was always in his shimmering outline for effect in the prison yard.  Smokey moved all the guards into the yard also to include them into the test.  Shadow goddess turned the afternoon into twilight for added test criteria and added stress on the participants.  Tiz disabled all the electronics including having the cell phones explode on anyone that had one which thinned the participants also. 

And then the grand melee started with Kincaid assisting in the thinning of the light weights. 

In the end after the grand test, the prison is burned to the ground via massive green bolts from on high from some unknown source…


Goodman had Smokey take the 11 winners from the prison up to the new base.  Smokey went and got the latest drug specimens for trial on the 10 prison winners.  They were given the drug and placed into a cell in the new base for safety with some bottles of water.  Also since we have moved some stuff to the new moon base, no need for them touching out shit either without permission.


Juan was searched mentally to get his truthfulness and background by Smokey. ( Juan is an American interpreter who was coming to Mexico to teach English as a second language and his family got him caught up in their business.  He is an innocent wrongly crossed by his family member hector who died in the prison test, was ratted out to the police for trafficking drugs and has not had a court date yet. Luck day for him, court is adjourned!!)   And was introduced to Bard upon return to the Nevada base and told that Juan would be joining our staff as a translator.


IOTA went to Liquid Metals in Pennsylvania to acquire a sample of a new metal that is required to build the trans dimensional scanner.  She was able to acquire this even though an anonymous tip to the Avengers from a pay phone in Nuuk, Greenland of the pending suspicious activity was unsuccessful in stopping her (second string Avengers were sent).  She will need about 7 days, 23 hours to complete the scanner after repairing herself from the encounter.


Making America Great Again!

President Donald J. Trump sat in his plush, overstuffed executive chair behind the Resolute Desk and focused intensely on his efforts, his brow furrowed in concentration.  He was the picture of the major world leader engaged in critical tasks of global import and seemed to be making headway, his slight smile bearing witness to his pleasure.

A knock on the door to the Oval Office startled him and he quickly dropped the paperclip animal he had been constructing, (perhaps a giraffe?) into the top drawer and slammed it closed.

"What is it?"

The door opened about a quarter of the way and an elderly man stuck his head into the room.

"Mr. President, do you have a minute?"

"Dammit Jeff, I'm really busy right now, can it wait?"

Emboldened, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped completely into the room and closed the door behind him.

"It's serious, Donnie.  It could probably wait, but I don't think you should."

"Alright Jeff, but stop it with that Donnie shit, I told you none of that in the Oval Office."

"Apologies Mr. President.  I've been contacted by some of our mutual friends.  The Society."

"Goddammit Jeff, I knew they'd be sniffing around after that whole Canadian thing.  Great party though."  He chuckled, and it was somehow wicked, like a little boy who'd discovered the joys of masturbation for the first time.  "What do they want?"

"A Pardon."

The president actually laughed out loud.  "Well shit Jeff, is that all?  I thought it was gonna be something expensive.  You know how much I like to spend money but I like to spend it on me.  Who is it?"

"Marcus Kincaid."

Trump's brow furrowed and he ran his hand through his thin, dyed and coiffed mane.  "I remember him from the poker game.  Oh and he was in Montreal too, wasn't he?"  He smirked again at the memory.

"Yes Mr. President, to both."

"His dick was bigger than mine so I didn't play with the same girls.  He frowned a bit.  "Did I?"

"No Mr. President."

"Ok, that's good then.  I like pardons, it means a news cycle and it'll give those media assholes something else to talk about other than Russia.  What did he do again?  I forget."

"Trafficking in human organs."

"Shit Jeff, that's just plain gross.  Dumb too.  If yer gonna buy and sell, there's a lot more profitable things to move."

"That's true.  Especially true once my new drug policies go into effect, it's gonna re-energize the black market like nobody's business!"

"That's all good Jeff, we like for people to make money, especially our friends.  Go ahead and prepare the paperwork, let's get our friend back on the board.  It'll keep The Society quiet for a little while too.  Once you get it ready, let's get Marcus up here and talk to him, we can call a press conference after that and knock it out of the park."

"Yes sir, I'll get it done.  When do we want to call the press conference?"

"Tomorrow!  It's gonna be Monday, so let's start the week off with a splash!"

"Good plan, Sir.  I'll make it happen."

"Okay Jeff, now get out of here, I have shit to do."

"Of course Sir."

The smarmy old fellow ducked back out of the Oval Office and the door quietly clicked shut behind him"

The president of the Free World slid open the drawer and pulled out his paperclip giraffe.  "Now then, Mr. Giggles…where were we?"  He changed his voice a little, presumably the voice of 'Mr. Giggles'.  "Oh Mr. Pwesident, you're SO awesome!"  His voice normalized and he chuckles like a wicked little boy again.  "You can say it Mr. Giggles … I'm 'UGE"

Psychological Evaluation, Blackstone Prison
Dr. Mark S. Goodson


Dr. Goodson presents well dressed and groomed. Weight is appropriate to height. His affect is blunted to flat. He demonstrates an orientation to place and time. Dr. Goodson reports no issues with sleep and appetite. Dr. Goodson sometimes speaks of himself in the third person and sometimes references himself as "Goodman". He appears unaware of this tendency, even when highlighted during the interview. Additionally, he swayed slightly throughout the interview and compulsively corrected perceived inaccuracies during the conversation, becoming visibly agitated.


Asperger's Syndrome, Dissociative Identity Disorder (rule out), Major Depressive Disorder (single episode)

Family History

Helen Goodson (wife, deceased) and Essence Goodson (daughter, deceased). No other family noted. Dr. Goodson was raised within the foster care systems with repeated psychiatric hospitalizations. It is presumed that his biological parents abandoned him at age 3 because of his disability.

Initially Helen and later Essence contributed significantly to Dr. Goodson's psychological stability. Helen and Dr. Goodson met during high school and by any account appeared to genuinely loved him, in spite of his challenges. It is unlikely that Dr. Goodson would have completed higher education, succeeded academically, and kept employment without her. She acted as both interpreter and educator for him, teaching him to improve his social skills to an acceptable level. Her advocacy ensured opportunities presented themselves to him, allowing for the remarkable growth he experienced. The timing of their relationship was key, and growth would have been unlikely had their relationship began several years later than it did.


In spite of difficulties from disability and inconsistent living arrangements through childhood, Dr. Goodson excelled at academics. However, Dr. Goodson's compulsivity to accurately define facts with a level of detail that exceeded the capabilities of educators repeatedly posed challenges.

Dr. Goodson achieved a medical degree, as well as degrees in several fields of study, centering on biological, zoological, and bioengineering fields of study.


Dr. Goodson taught various biological and medical classes at John Hopkins University until the incident where 36 of his students died because of illegal experimentation.

Clinical Observations

Dr. Goodson is extremely intelligent and quite verbally expressive. Interviewer notes a compulsivity in correction of factual information interfered throughout the interview, even over trivial or metaphoric statements. Sometimes he would mumble a correction quietly to himself rather than speak it aloud.

Discussion of the death of his wife and daughter was met with no emotive content. Denial and intellectualization defense mechanisms noted during such conversations, giving a detached impression as if Dr. Goodson had no investment in his only two family members. Direct conversations about his life with them before their death had a different, positive affect though still blunted. He mentioned several times that they were his motivation in life and he would trade his life for them.

In discussing the conviction that resulted in his incarceration, Dr. Goodson described his actions in the third person, sometimes calling himself "Goodman" instead. While projective analysis might imply "Goodman" as a reference to him being a good man doing what was needed, this would seem contradictory to the deaths involved in his illegal, unethical gene therapy trials on his students. However, he would defend those actions as necessary and blamed the government for their failing to realize the great potential to help humanity in curing diseases and increasing defense against ever more resilient bacterial infections, like those that killed his wife and daughter. He sees his punishment as "completely unjustified", a phrase repeatedly used. He sees the government as the true culprits in Helen's and Essence's deaths. He sees Dr. Goodson as innocent of any crime, Goodman was a hero stopped from saving them, and the government the villains allowing his wife and child to die when presented with a cure.


Dr. Goodson never presented as angry or violent in any way and presently poses no risk to the general population within the correctional system. Nothing in his history shows him to be violent when interacting with others, nor is there any indication of violence at present.

Of concern is the possible split in identity, which could worsen or result in unpredictable behavior. In any event, Dr. Goodson clearly could become violent and given the degree of psychological stress he experiences, this escalation could occur unexpectedly. As such, it is recommended that Dr. Goodson be treated intensively in any correctional institution to which he would be assigned.

Lastly, Dr. Goodson does express an understanding of his crimes and the results of his actions, reaffirming prior evaluations. His compulsion to correct factual information allowed him to describe in detail the events of the crime and the subsequent trial and incarceration. While he suffers from both grief and disability, neither negates his full participation in the judicial system.

Further testing

"Are you sure about this, I mean, I'm all in for helping you out with testing your powers, but an RPG? That's like, for destroying light armored vehicles." Aaron can't believe he's considering not using the RPG

"You do not want to help me? Remember a useful Aaron is a living Aaron." Aaron thinks Goodman looks menacing. But then, Aaron thinks, Goodman always does.

"Alright boss," Aaron says with a sigh. "What's the worst that could happen?" That weird monster lives, Aaron mumbles to himself. "Goodman, go stand on the other side of the testing room."

"Don't miss, Aaron," Goodman says.

"Believe me, I'm not going to miss." Aaron has a slight smile as he pulls the trigger…

A specimen request

Goodman finds Smokey in the halls of the base.

"Um, hello Smokey. It is Smokey, right? I'm not so good with… well… people. I wonder if you would be willing to help me further my research. I need a specimen. A Komodo Dragon."

Goodman seems to sway slightly from side to side. "You can find them in Indonesia on the island aptly named Komodo. They're called Komodo Dragons. Very interesting creatures, biologically speaking. They have a pair of glands that secrete proteins that are extremely virulent, causing blood to not coagulate, hypothermia, lowered blood pressure, and paralysis. The end result is death of those bitten."

"So, will you be able to help me catch one?"

Breaking News

"Again authorities at NASA report that today's unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for Alarm."

"In other news: tragedy strikes in Angel Falls where the last night two heroines were struck down. The young heroine Firebrand and the Missing Brazilian heroine Mesmerelda were killed last evening during what appears to be an execution-style attack. 

"In an even stranger twist to this story both heroines had been either missing or presumed dead. Reports are that they sought out the heroine couple Soviet Super Woman and Walkyria. The duo were in the middle of a pitched battle with fourth Reich forces on the cusp of launching a doomsday suicide weapon that would have destroyed Angel Falls.

"The two heroines were said to have arrived mid battle and thrown their powers into the fight as well. After disabling the doomsday weapon while Walkyria and Soviet Super Woman fought off 4th Reich Power armor and assault vehicles the deceased heroines were viciously attacked by members of what the media has dubbed "The Slaughterhouse Six."

"We have footage of the attack but it is far too disturbing to show on air. Copies have been given to the authorities but we CAN show you images of the attackers.

"Shown here is the main attacker believed to be known as Shadow Goddess (cut to Shadow Goddess shooting bolts of darkness down through the hole in the roof). Authorities believe this is the super-powered form of one Moira O'Shea who escaped with five other inmates from Blackstone prison before its destruction several months ago.

"Also pictured are Tizianna Black and Rex Blank also escapees from Blackstone prison. Observation and other reports indicate Rex's powers revolve around teleportation, and Black's powers appear to be control of technology related.

"Now brace Yourselves gentle viewer what follows next is NOT for the faint of heart. (Cut to an image of Goodman splayed out  partially burned on the warehouse floor before a pair of fists crash into the camera and send it tumbling, then to a still image of the beast) Shown here is the creature authorities are calling Dr. Mark Goodman.  Infamous for trying his "genetic Improvement treatments" on his own students the one professor has seemingly been taking his own medicine and transformed himself into the nightmare known as "Chimera".

"Investigation into this attack is underway by several government agencies and the Guardians who are reaching out to other groups across the country to put everyone on high alert. If you see these  criminals please do not approach. call this number immediately and get to safety as soon as possible. 

"And now Amber DeHearth with Sports!"

Warming pet request

Smokey, while surfing the internet looking for something interesting, come across the exact picture of what he would like the base pets to look like.  Being uber excited, he rushes to Dr Goodman's lab to show him the picture of what he thinks would be the best base pet using the jaguar cubs.  Along with them being obedient to Shadow Goddess and myself along with others on the team minus minions and mooks while having some 'special abilities' would be a must have bonus…  And he shows Dr Goodman the picture on the laptop and says looking lovingly at the screen while scratching it 'nice kitty , friendly kitty , little ball of death… do you want to play?' :   


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