Dark Destinies

Studies and Research

Dr. Goodman's continued path to enlightenment…

"How's my five friends today?" I ask. I realize that I don't really have any concern about whether they're happy or not, but this is an all "carrot" approach for these first test subjects. I need a face, as mine, is, well… not taken well by most. How unfortunate that these lower life forms simply cannot envision a world greater than their selfish existence.

They mutter some things under their breath. They are terrified, rightly so, by the disembodied voice and the knowledge of what happened to that huge prisoner I ate tartar. It's just protein and calories, but the taste is too unrefined. I'll need to work on proper meal preparation.

"Oh, come now," I say softly, "you have an opportunity of a life time here. But first, we need to ensure that you are kept safe and secure. Feel free to explore this room, but I must warn you not to leave the medical center without an escort by me or one of my colleagues." This will be a long process, but I have to get them to do two things: trust us for ensuring their safety and gain their loyalty. Initially, this will be a psychological effort in desensitization and increased attachment. This will lay the ground work for the actual genetic manipulation later.

One of them, Stuart, speaks up. "Wh-, why me? What are you going to do to me?"

"You have precisely the traits for great things! Believe me, you will be very happy to work with us. Work with us can be,.. well, very lucrative. But beyond that, how would you like to have the ability to stave off would be predators? Not to bring up a painful subject, but I believe you were all preyed upon by the larger, dominating inmates. I can give you the ability to not just level the playing field, but to put such offenders in their place." Stuart and his friends appear to be thinking about this. Good.

"In the meantime, lunch is at noon. I'm sure we can find you something much better than the prison meals." I walk in front of the door to the room so it opens automatically, but I don't leave. I stay quiet to observe the behaviors of the sheep. Perhaps there are some would be wolves that just need to be brought out of them…


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