Target: Gamma Girl




Last Known Location: San Diego, California

Real Name: Unknown 

Appearance: Six foot one inches tall. Two hundreds twenty lbs. Pale green skin, Deep green hair, Black eyes.

Affiliations: Solo Heroine, Reserve Member of the Watchgaurd, Honorary SDPD member
Powers/Tactics: Spartan Class 8+ Strength. Capable of generating powerful bolts of green cosmic energy with multiple permutations. Potent defenses including but not limited to some form of dimensional energy shunt. Short range flight and long range wormhole transportation. Limited construct generation.

Criminal Record:  None 

Notes: Alien female from Dalirath 5. Naturally able to harness and generate unspecified cosmic energies. Apparent military training extremely adept with these attacks. Has some issues with human culture. Known to patrol the downtown San Diego and bay area.

Target: Gamma Girl

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