Dark Destinies


Well, I couldn't help myself.  When Kincaid slipped El Chapo the parasite, I just had to whisper in his ear before Kincaid could say anything.  Sometimes, it seems like The Shadows have a mind of their own.  I'm not sure I could have stopped myself even if I tried.  Escobar took it all well, I had him listen to Kincaid while we were all there.  I visited him again afterwards and gave him a throw away phone to contact me. 

We were busy for a while, doing evil deeds and whatnot, so I didn't get back to Columbia for a couple weeks. Escobar reported excellent results with the drug and the distribution of said.  I put him in touch with my contact in Chicago and they are working together and getting word out and making some serious money.

FUCK YEAH!  That bitch is dead.  Fecking hell, she was a pain in my arse.  That right cunt deserved what she got.  I'm on cloud fuckin nine.  I took such pleasure from fucking her up and the guns at the end were glorious.

I feel like an epic party, so making that happen in Columbia.  Two birds and all.  I pop in and talk to Escobar, who is talking to his daughter.  That is one fine piece of ass, I'll tell you that.  Holy fuck.  No distractions….yet.  We discuss throwing the party and I have him contact the Columbian President to set up a meeting.

Once that is done, I turn my attention to Elena because that woman is FINE and I have an almost uncontrollable urge to RAWRTAKETHAT.  I do my best to reign the Shadows in, but a small tendril wraps around her and well, let's just say I tag that ass.  The Shadow Tag will let me find her anywhere she goes…how convenient!  I talk with her briefly, too, small talk and I invite her to lunch with me after that party.  To discuss her personal aspirations.  Yeah.  That.

The party is off the chain, of course, lots of Columbians rolling with Amp, Lady fucking Spectrum's funeral on the projection screen.  When that dragon rider sets down, the roar from the crowd is ear splitting.  I am ecstatic!  I danced until I couldn't, letting the Shadows weave thru and around the crowd…my power feeding off the crowd, as it is wont to do.  Luckily, the lights and Amp hide most of what happens from the normals.

Fade to Black

Fuck, hangovers suck.  But so worth it.  Today, we're meeting the President aboard his plane.  I make sure the new parasite from Goodman is secure with the Amp I'm dosing him with.  From watching Goodman's latest experiment, it was apparent that Amp really helped the parasite take hold.  Elena serves as a welcome distraction for the first half of the flight, as I watch those dark, intelligent eyes noticing everything as she flirts with the President and chats with her father and I.  She really is gorgeous and the Dark parts of me are completely intrigued.

About half way through the flight, I pour the men new drinks, carefully dosing the President's whiskey. The Amp takes a moment to kick in, but you can see his demeanor change completely.  I'm bored at this point, but we discuss Columbia taking control of their drug business and how to ultimately make ALL drugs legal in the country.  I advise him to talk to the Portuguese, Italian and Spanish Presidents since they've done the same recently.  The parasite worked every so nicely, very happy with the results.

My lunch with Elena went well, she seems like she could become a good "asset".  Her ambition is quite a thing of beauty to behold.  I can work with this.  The Shadows do their best to encourage me to …..taste her…touch her…..wrap her…..allow my Darkness to…  And I do my best to keep it from overwhelming me; keeping most of it at bay.

Finally, before I leave Columbia, I do show her who I really am (in private), but quickly leave.  That Darkness is a little overwhelming right now, so I take my leave from her.







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