Dark Destinies

Specimen P-001

Parasites. They're good for you. Really!

"Well, the persuasion parasite otherwise categorized as specimen P-001 was a complete success. The test subjects followed their orders without any real regard for consequences. I suspect that stronger willed individuals of the common species homo sapiens could resist it to some degree, though that was a calculated and known quantity. Being a parasite, it can be easily ingested via common consumed food or drink, though alcohol tends to kill it making that medium of transmission impossible."

Dr. Goodman turns off the recording by tapping the tablet computer and thinks for a moment before resuming.

"Of course, given the base organism on which this parasite is derived, the infection of other common homo sapiens would be socially unlikely since the consumption of infected homo sapiens by otherwise normal homo sapiens is typically frowned upon. From experience, the flavor of them is not unlike other cattle species.

"Given the promising results, several avenues of study present themselves. Augmentation, such that the effect is stronger making subjects more susceptible to suggestion is obvious, so much so that it is hardly worth noting. More intriguing is to change the effects to induce cannibalism, which would widen the number of vectors for infecting other homo sapiens. Though, I must admit that flesh eating humans is definitely cliche. Besides, if the intent was to wipe out humanity, there are far more efficient ways to accomplish this. Of course, zombie apocalypse would be far more entertaining compared to a more virulent ebola or the like. Perhaps an airborne transmission could be devised or to use alternate species to transmit it to humans could hold promise."

Dr. Goodman pauses again, scratching his head with one of the horn protrusions from his wings.

"Some refinement is required to narrow the range of individuals from which suggestions would be followed. In initial testing, a subject could be commanded to follow only the instructions of one individual or, barring any suggestion to the contrary, allow the subject to accept instructions from anyone. Since it is possible to transmit the parasite fairly easily, I've placed all the samples in a lock box safe. That precaution was more for the laborers we have, as my companions could easily open such a box, though perhaps the possibility that they may become the unwelcome recipient of some awful strain of disease or worse will safeguard the boxes.

"Obviously, a serum to negate the effects was immediately developed to reverse the effects due to accidental exposure. I'm sure that my companions would be much more comfortable knowing that such a serum exists. The serum must be injected to the host of the parasite for it to be effective."

Dr. Goodman taps the tablet's screen again, saving the recording for his research. He taps again to start another file.

"Research began on the enhancement of the homo sapiens into homo perfecta. Obviously with such a dull species as a base, the perfect variant leaves a lot to be desired. That said, I have high hopes for this first stage of human evolution. And with so many test subjects nearby, I'm nearly assured of success."


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