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  • A nice jog

    Tiz slowed to a cool down jog and made a few more laps around the 5th level of the base. That fucking mook had pissed her off pretty good and she’d been real close to finding out exactly how much damage her new gauntlets would do to …

  • Security Breifing Theta 27-5

    U.N.T.I.L Sky Fortress Tempest

    Location Unknown

    1500 Hours EST

    “What have you got, Flores?”  Lieutenant Danica Flores turned to Commander Vaughn as he …

  • Tizianna Black

    A compact 5’4” of cuteness. Right up until you realize she’s bat shit crazy and prone to extremely violent outbursts. She’d driven more than one Anger Management therapist to a new line of work. She wasn’t always this way. Tizianna was your typical sweet …

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