Research Inventory

Below is a list of research specimens, compounds, and samples. Click here to return to the main wiki page.

A-001 Alien Compound is the grey dust that resulted from the destruction of the black crystal entities. Not sure what any of that was, though perhaps the grey dust will shed light on the origins and purpose of the black crystal.

C-001 Compound is the initial prototype acid used in our first mission to rob a bank. It worked extremely well. C-002 is the production version of this acid.

C-002 Compound as the second, very successful acid, this material has been replicated over time. C-003 Polymer is used to contain this highly dangerous material.

C-003 Compound is a polymer that is impervious to C-002 (acid) used to contain it. It is durable, but is not resistant to directed attacks.

P-001 Parasites designed to cause subject to be susceptible to suggestions of others. Imperfect in that any person could give instructions to the infected subject.

V-001 Virus designed as a delivery mechanism to enhance the strength, speed, constitution, and speed. Problem is that this virus is very short lived in the medium, water, that is to deliver it. Intravenous delivery appears effective, however it also induces significant pain in the subject during the transformation. The pain component must be completely removed along with fixing the delivery problems before the viral strain will be useful.

V-002 Virus designed as an improvement to the viral delivery system of V-001. In weakened subjects, severe flu-like symptoms and convulsions are likely over a 24 to 48 hour period of time. Healthy subjects have much reduced symptoms over a shorter period of time. Additionally, the virus can survive in water for an indeterminate period of time, though has only been tested over the course of a couple of hours. While not perfect, the side effects are acceptable for use. This particular serum/virus is only effective on the Navajo, matching against the genetic markers of this sub-species.


Research Inventory

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